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The Joy of Spanking by Franco

As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work, please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where you live.
First, I’d like to thank you, Ms. Diaz, for extending this interview to me and posting some examples of my images.
I was born in the mid 1950’s and came from a very strict, but loving background. I make that distinction because when you say “strict” background, people tend to think that means cruel or harsh; it wasn’t. But, it was very suppressed in many ways. As you know in human nature, when things are suppressed they will eventually make themselves known, erupting (what a choice in words) at the most surprising times and in the most surprising ways. In my family the sensual and sexual aspects of life were very suppressed and never discussed. But there were specific events where “duty” was the mask that covered the pleasure of control.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal training? If so, was it helpful in developing your style?
Well, I always liked to draw, but frankly, I never thought I was excellent at it. Drawing was something I just did, doodling and sketching while doing homework or during class. When I was around eleven I discovered my fascination with creating spanking images, and over the next few years, I did many spanking sketches, which were all F/M.
Later, on the College level, I was an art major and what I did learn, added to my ability. At that time there were no personal computers, or computer graphics. In those days most production in the commercial art /design field was either through camera work or various techniques in illustration and printing. During that time I did little spanking art, giving attention to achieving what I needed to get into the commercial art field.
A few years later, working and living alone I had the privacy, space and time to explore doing more with spanking images. I drew both F/M and M/M, as well as homoerotic images, which featured young men in pleasure bondage ordeals. Doing these images was an important outlet for me, and very pleasurable.
As you can see, my focus is on men. As far back as I can remember, even as a kid, I’ve had a big fascination with the athletic, male form, especially the backside. A great ass on a guy is just amazing to me and I love to see those healthy cheeks getting a good spanking. I have received some criticism from a few gay men, wondering why as a gay man, I do F/M spanking art. I don’t think that quandary is a big deal, after all there are some straight men, who have no problem with spanking another man. It happens, all variations, and continuum. The fetish of spanking has an amazing combination of available players possibly crossing all orientations. It just depends on how secure each person is with their sexuality.

What is your creative process? That is, step by step through the creation of a picture. (Do you draw/paint/ink by hand or use technology such as tablets etc)
Originally, all of my work was lead pencil, shaded, blended, on stiff paper stock. I never thought of sharing, selling or making money from what I drew, as it was for my private use. Later on when I got my first computer and scanner and at the strong, suggestion of a friend, I scanned my images and put them on a couple of sites . I did do some work for “Man’s Hand Films” sending them some drawings for their publication. I also used my photo programs to colorize the images as well.
Jump to the early 2000’s I became very burned out with my drawing style. Frankly I felt boxed in and wanted a change. Around 2004 I was intrigued with the Poser 3d modeling art programs that were becoming popular, but didn’t have the bucks, so I began to create images from pieces of jpegs found on the net via image searches. It is a tedious process but it stimulated me. Setting up files for heads, faces, bodies, and various body parts I can construct a complete spanking image from these “components”. I soon realized that something as simple as the shape of the hands hands or facial expression can change the feel of an image completely.
I have what I call basic bones images that are constructs from a 3d model or parts of a photo. These bones images are my “top” characters in a spanking image. I currently use 4 female tops and about 5 male tops who become my “spankers”. I prefer to make them more mature/older than the “boys” they spank. I like age play difference because for me it increases the feel of dominance and submission, which is also true with the contrast of a fully clothed spanker and a naked or nearly naked spankee. So now, instead of paper and lead pencils and blending sticks, I use the computer with a couple of key photo programs.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Usually my own drives, my imagination, or something I see that triggers my triggers, if that makes sense.

His Daily Spanking by Franco

What led you to the domination/power exchange elements within your work? Again, where does the inspiration for those scenes come from?
I believe my own childhood experience with spanking set this all in motion. And I think that the very nature of my spankings established in me the fascination with the yin and yang, (pain/pleasure) aspect that I can’t help but include in my spanking images. This seems especially essential with the F/M images I do. I need to depict the idea that there is sexual stimulation occurring in both parties, but it is the dominant that is spanking it “into” the submissive, and that it wasn’t there previously. The older matrons I depict are not the usual vixens you find in F/M spanking imagery. But they are quite capable and determined and assert their control over a young man via spanking. I like to imply a hint or some evidence that they enjoy the sexual tension they are building or their fetish that they are instilling into that upturned and well displayed, bottom.
While the young men in my images look physically able to escape their ordeals, the constraints that keep them in place are inferred to be those of internal mechanisms.
This may be rejected completely by some, others, may know these amazing feelings of submission. So, hopefully the viewers appreciate those feelings of having to “take it”, while others that of giving it.
I have drawn “harder” spankings at times, and these are good and fitting, but I tend to gravitate to the idea of depicting those hand driven affairs that redden the buttocks and harden the penis to the surprise and embarrassment of the bottom, because he doesn’t know when she will stop, before he shoots a big wad all over Auntie’s dress.

Are there any other artists that inspire you or simply admire?
I love Barb’s work, and Sardax’s governess spanking images. I think Redrump is an excellent artist and depicts wonderful and fun F/M spanking imagery. His spankings are no nonsense and truly butt blistering. I really like Otto”s fem dom spanking art as well, so full of action and purpose. In other areas I enjoy Tom of Finland and the crazy sketches of Bill Ward, there are others in the F/M spanking field who are excellent, but I can’t recall their names at the moment.

Are there other creative people you admire who are not in the art world? That is, film, music, literature?
In music I love Stan Getz/Astrud Gilberto, Vince Guaraldio. In movies the classic actresses like, Yvonne DeCarlo, Bette Davis, Audry Hepburn, and yes, Joan Crawford.

What’s in the pipeline? What plans/ambitions do you have for the future?
Well I have to say that I never intended to be a “fetish artist”. I felt I had to draw what I did, as if it was some sort of self analysis and for my own pleasure. I was encouraged to share, and while I don’t do fetish art for money, I do hope it helps someone else understand their own feelings better, or just turns them on. I’ll probably do this as long as I need to, then stop. Things can change.
Other than that I hope for good health so I can work and enjoy life as well as the grace to face getting older. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but aging is a challenge, especially when you lean forward over a mirror, and it looks like someone let the air out of your face.

Franco, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. And we hope when you have new work, you will think of  this blog! 🙂

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