Pool Fun

I know what you are thinking. An indoor pool isn’t the place for kinky BDSM fun!
The Ruthless Mistress folk disagree! You can see all the pictures and a video here!

3 Notes Pool Fun

  1. No Carmenica, I think a private indoor pool is EXACTLY the place for kinky BDSM fun so I am in 100% agreement with the Ruthless Mistresses.
    Just a small technical observation: it’s surprising to see (on the video) how red a wet bum gets after not very many swats with a riding crop ….

    • Interesting observation Phil! Now I’m curious. Is there a dermatologist in the house? I didn’t watch the full video, just the little trailer. It’s hard for me to tell how many swats / how much time was chopped out during editing. I have no basis for this, but I suspect being spanked, flogged, etc would be more painful when wet. Also, I thought maybe I saw him shivering. If he was cold, maybe that would contribute to the crimson qualities you pointed out? This is all speculation on my part, haha.

      • Yes, I think we have to hope fpr a Dermatologist to shed more light on this.
        On the others hand, there is always a clinical experiment. Any offers to be the subject? Or perhaps Carmenica might wish to make some nominations …

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