Strap-On Fun

Mistress Carly enjoying some strap-on fun! She has a rather interesting electrical device! See all the pics from this series here!

7 Notes Strap-On Fun

  1. Ouch!

  2. What am I missing, please? I don’t see any electrical devices in this set. The only device of any kind I see is a vacuum tube device, with a squeeze bulb and a vacuum hose attached. I see no batteries, wires, buttons, or switches. Am I missing something?

    • LoL! Forgot to add that either way she looks like a lot of fun and I envy him.

    • I thought I saw wires. Maybe I have an overactive imagination and I don’t study the pictures deeply before I post them. šŸ™

      • No worries!?
        It’s still possible I’m just not seeing something.
        At any rate, I like your imagination! Your way is better than some plain old suction, so we’ll go with that!

  3. To see the ā€˜interesting electrical deviceā€™ Carmenica mentioneds in her comment on the picture, you have to follow the link. The picture does not show item in detail but it shows something,

    • Yeah I followed the link. I didn’t and don’t see anything like that. I see a vac chamber. I’m not saying she and you are wrong, just that I guess I’m missing something that’s all. Sometimes I miss things.