Strap-On Fun

Mistress Carly enjoying some strap-on fun! She has a rather interesting electrical device! See all the pics from this series here!

7 Notes Strap-On Fun

  1. Ouch!

  2. What am I missing, please? I don’t see any electrical devices in this set. The only device of any kind I see is a vacuum tube device, with a squeeze bulb and a vacuum hose attached. I see no batteries, wires, buttons, or switches. Am I missing something?

    • LoL! Forgot to add that either way she looks like a lot of fun and I envy him.

    • I thought I saw wires. Maybe I have an overactive imagination and I don’t study the pictures deeply before I post them. 🙁

      • No worries!?
        It’s still possible I’m just not seeing something.
        At any rate, I like your imagination! Your way is better than some plain old suction, so we’ll go with that!

  3. To see the ‘interesting electrical device’ Carmenica mentioneds in her comment on the picture, you have to follow the link. The picture does not show item in detail but it shows something,

    • Yeah I followed the link. I didn’t and don’t see anything like that. I see a vac chamber. I’m not saying she and you are wrong, just that I guess I’m missing something that’s all. Sometimes I miss things.

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