Just a Peek!

4 Notes Just a Peek!

  1. Wow! Now these are knickers and a half …
    The image inflamed my imagination and I began to wonder what the male equivalent might look like but of course girls are anatomically much tidier than boys so perhaps this approach to lingerie will always be for girls only?

    • This is beautiful!
      Phil, if you don’t mind me saying so, I think you think too much. Careful, or you’ll ruin it for yourself. lol
      Nothing inherently “wrong” with guys in lingerie. Not my bag, but I wouldn’t judge what blows other people’s skirts up. However, I do think these particular knickers are best left exclusively to the ladies.

      • Guilty as Charged, I am afraid!
        Nice to see we agree on who should wear these.
        I wish I knew where they came from? They would make a very nice present for my S/O!

  2. Absolutely lovely

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