School for Edging

A school to teach edging? Femdom cartoon by Neocorona

5 Notes School for Edging

  1. “Edging assignment:

    Please keep your assigned penis erect as much as possible during the course of your regular school day, taking care to avoid ejaculation.

    You may use any tool or part of your body you wish as long as it does not disrupt your normal lessons.

    This exercise will help you improve your ability to routinely edge a man’s genitals while performing other tasks.

    Routine edging is a valuable skill for any aspiring mistress and should be practiced whenever possible.”

    I had a hard time reading this and thought some other people may not be able to make it out at all.

    I like this. It’s intriguing and arousing to me. I’ve seen some other pieces from neocorona and like them very much. You can see the artist develop and find their style.

    • Thanks Cougarlingus!
      I tried to read the ‘instructions to pupils’ but had to enlarge the image several times and even then I was not 100% sure I had it right.
      Oh – and I agree. I like this Artist, too

      • You’re welcome.
        Did you happen to follow the link to the tumblr and see the “beep test” image? Got my blood pumping. Perhaps it will be featured here some special Saturday.

        • No, I had not but I have just checked it now. Hmmm … well … er … maybe … I think I need practice before taking this particular beep test!

          • Haha! Uuummm yeah, I don’t think I stand a chance of passing it either. Not without some sort of training program first. Yup….lol