Miss Hybrid opening her shirt dress and posing! If you have classy lingerie, why not?
However, clearly dressed for the photograph as knickers are under the suspender belt!


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5 Notes Posing

  1. Carmenica, would you mind unpacking your comment just a little?
    Knickers have aesthetic and functional dimensions.
    Aesthetically, knickers below suspender belt looks very attractive, as in this image.
    However, to use the bathroom, a girl might need to remove her suspender belt before her knickers become accessible and occasionally this might be very ‘inconvenient’
    So, if function was the only consideration and if the design of the suspender belt allowed it, would a girl actually prefer to put on the suspender belt first and the knickers second?

    • Stockings are not a garment for everyday wear. They pull, move and are uncomfortable. 🙁

      The choice to wear stockings is probably erotic so appearance is important. Then there are two people involved in undressing! 🙂 So, knickers under the belt is inconvenient and bothersome for long periods. However, if choosing stockings for erotic reasons, they probably won’t stay on long! 🙂

      There is another reason for putting up with stockings and that is health. Tights/pantyhose can contribute to yeast infections and urinary tract infections as can tight synthetic underwear. If hose is important to wear for employment, stockings & cotton knickers may be a change.
      The best is bare legs and no knickers! 🙂

      Women did not wear underwear until 1850 onwards. All those ladies in Jane Austen were commando! Far healthier.

      • Thank you, Carmenica and Geramdrir and Cougar for your very thorough answers to my question!
        My S/O was indeed troubled with yeast and UT infections when she had to wear tights to be acceptable at work.
        There has been some comment recently in the UK about the un-desirability of wearing heels for long periods at work, to obey ‘dress codes’ and it makes you wonder if tights and stockings might become the next target.
        Writing as a man, I have always been glad that I don’t have to wear tights and I agree with Carmenica that bare legs always looks very ‘fresh’ – but its a tough call in Scotland in the winter!
        And a final question for you, Carmenica.
        Its interesting to think about Jane Austin’s characters all going commando but why did the ‘requirements’ changes? Was it to do with people becoming more anxious about their bodies?

  2. Not wanting to preempt Carmenica i could well imagine it is not about function or bathrooms but maybe a more erotic cause.
    I think about those situations where it is absolutely suitable to wear stockings (and maybe heels) and so suspender is as well needed as asthetically pleasing – while nickers are not so much required nay more 😉

  3. I agree, Carmenica. IMO, the only reason for the panties (is it okay if I call knickers panties?) to be on the inside is photography.

    The reasons for wearing panties outside the belt during long term wear, for fashion or health, are obvious. When stockings are worn for shorter, more erotic purposes, I still think the panties should be outside if a rendezvous with a lover is in the works. Let’s pretend the beautiful woman in this photo were dressed for a tryst, rather than a shoot. There is a possibility that at some point someone will utter the words “wait; can you leave the stockings on.” The knickers, on the other hand, are certain to be flung across the room. Wear them outside.

    In addition to that, I honestly think it looks better anyway. I know most people think it looks better with panties underneath, for some reason, and I’m okay with that. I realize that’s how they’ll almost always be shown in photography. However, I think it looks better with the garter under the panties, especially with a matched set like we have here. Perhaps it’s just my pragmatic, function over form side coming out, I don’t know.