Sexy Pose

Olga Zubchenko photographed by Alina Lebedeva

3 Notes Sexy Pose

  1. This has something and i can not say what it is…
    I guess it’s teh model together with the light and the shape. Do not like the briefs very much but and would prefer different ones but still like the picture as a whole

    • Geramdrir, I wonder if it is to do with the ‘symphony’ of lines within the composition?
      The horizontal lines of the venetian blind.
      The vertical lines of the vanes on the radiator.
      The diagonal lines in the weave of the panties.
      The shape of the model’s waist echoed by the shape of her eyebrows: right brow with left hip and left brow with right hip.

      • I can well imagine you are right.
        I also thouht about lines but i am no expert in that — but i am quite sure the photo artist was aware of what she was doing