Strap-On Saturday

And we begin with that old favourite, the Face or Chin dildo harness! It is another form of Strap-On Saturday!

6 Notes Strap-On Saturday

  1. thats so hot would LOVE to try that

  2. Is that a gag as well? Is there a piece on the back side that goes in his mouth? Just curious.

    • usually there is a gag on the other side – different types available πŸ˜‰

      If there were not You would not be able to drive the dildo the way it should go.

      It’s a funny toy with interesting view πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks. Yeah, I sort of wondered how you would control, or steer, the thing without something to bite on. Makes sense. Good point about the view. I’m sure it is an interesting view when you’re using it. Would love some pics from the POV of the wearer.

        • It’s primarily the moving one that is special. The static is very similar to just putting Your head there (like with some oral service)
          And i do not think any action cam will work for that – and even if it would i guess that the feeling You have using this is something that can not be caught with the camera

          • Oh I have no doubt that a camera could not truly capture the experience, just thought it would look interesting. I do believe I would enjoy being of service in this way. I’m thinking of photo shoot situation. Probably wouldn’t even have someone actually wearing it, just positioning it with a camera, and getting POV shots. I’m sure you’re right, wouldn’t look as good as I’m imagining. As for action footage, maybe a GoPro? LMAO.