Sexy Latex

Photograph by Slinky Aleksandr Lishchinskiy

9 Notes Sexy Latex

  1. very nice one

    love the contrasts and the colors

  2. Yes! The image looks like an out-take from a Star Trek film

  3. It is a wonderful dress!

    • It certainly is Monica and if I were a girl I would definitely wear it. Frequently.

    • Yes, it’s a beautiful dress. I like it very much. However, I do not like the shoes.

      • The half boots? I rather like them.

        • Is that what they’re called? That’s funny because what I don’t like is the way they seem to not know whether they’re shoes or boots. I guess to me if they don’t come up to the upper calf (if not the thigh), which is sexy for some reason, then they should leave more of the foot exposed. Lots of curves on the model and then it looks like she’s standing in two little boxes.

          Well, to each their own. I’ll confess that the only thing I know about women’s footwear is that I know what I like when I see it.

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