Strap-On Saturday

And welcome to another fun packed, femdom pegging, STRAP-ON SATURDAY!
(Origin unknown)

One Note Strap-On Saturday

  1. I like this very much. Her joy appears quite genuine; she’s just having fun. No doubt I would thoroughly enjoy taking a turn as the object of her amusement.

    As far as we can see here, he is not restrained; which adds a certain appeal for me as that can sometimes be more evocative and arousing than being tied. In my mind, that’s how this scene is playing out. The only thing keeping him in place is his obedience to her, his trust in her, his submissive nature. She has told him “don’t go anywhere.” He knows that if he moves around too much, he will be bound and punished right up to his limits. After which, of course, it would be right back to her playtime. She certainly will not be denied her fun! It’s all excruciatingly sexy.