American Drag Queen

Violet Chachki in a dominating Valentine’s Day.
Violet Chachki is the stage name of Paul Jason Dardo.

3 Notes American Drag Queen

  1. Drag artiste? I am amazed by his waist!

    • It is amazing what models/performers can do for the camera! Holding breath and the semi-corset probably help.
      There are many tricks and some are now mainstream. We are all familiar with the social media pose of sucking cheeks in to look slimmer, make the face longer and emphasis the lips. That particular pose is cruelly known in the industry as the “ducks’ bottom”.
      I have heard many a photographer call “Give us a ducks’ bum, lovey!” Have a look in Instagram & others to see the DB is everywhere!
      There are many other stock poses but too boring to list here.

      • Thank You for that information – i did not know that and thought everything looking not natural is photoshopped.

        But this explains why some non photoshopped pictures still look well above average and bodies have forms normal people never achieve