Humiliating Experience in the Waiting Room

As you know, itโ€™s very common for this to occur in waiting rooms!
Zoe Davis, Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw & nameless naked man from Pure CFNM

2 Notes Humiliating Experience in the Waiting Room

  1. Clearly, I visit the wrong waiting rooms. Alas!

  2. Well, time flies when you’re having fun, so if I were to find myself in that particular waiting room I’m sure I’d feel the wait to be all too short. In fact, the person who steps in and says “your wait is over” just may find themselves ducking a flying chair. lol

    The one picture where everyone is staring at the floor is a bit humorous out of context. I’m sure he had just shot a load on the rug, but if you pretend you don’t know that, it’s a funny image.

    I like the one in purple. I mean, I like them all but…I like the one in purple 8o)