Sensual Symbolism

Oh my, I always misplace my copy of Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie (Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality) by Sigmund Freud when I need it!
Anton Lesnoy
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4 Notes Sensual Symbolism

  1. …yes, these essays would probably help 😉

    But apart from that i always like the combination of some classy surroundings and erotic or fetish accessories. This time it is not even ruined by things that do not fit in some classic environemnts (as tattoos or other things not fitting)
    nice dress anyway and i maybe woudl have preseffered something more subtle on her plate 😉

  2. Well, I’m not sure. Why would you need an academic psychologist at a time like this? Why waste time listening to Freud explaining his theories when you could concentrate your whole attention on these wonderful characters? My final thought is that I am – clearly – going to the wrong restaurants!

    • 🙂

      I think it is just about the content of that plate 😉
      This is where somebody brought in symbolism where i agree with You that this is not at all necessary in thsi situation.

      So i would also propose to forget freud together with the plate. i am sure it would look even better if she had something on it that speaks about the pleasures of a good meal – these two are situated very near to each other as it comes to personal pleasure. So maybe something not too heavy soit is rather inspiring for what maybe comes later 😉
      And it will need a good glass of wine 🙂

      btw. don’t know of restaurants but of clubs that start with a nice dinner and a special dresscode. But they also go for something less symbolic on the plate 😉