Space Trip

Space Trip by Enkel Dika

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  1. It’s like that at most airports. Don’t tell me it’s going to be the same in Space-ports.

    • Hope not!
      Having suffered through many airports during the past 3 weeks, I have come to the conclusion not all airports are the same.
      Most are bad, the others terrible!

      • You sound like a seasoned traveller, Carmenica.
        What about subscribing to one of the ‘business lounge access’ plans?
        Mind you, that will not make Check-in and Security any easier …

        • I do have access to the business lounge. It is necessary for long haul flights but air-travel is such a pain.
          I prefer to travel by train but they haven’t built a railway line from Copenhagen to New York yet! 🙂

          • Well Carmenica, your star is rising as far as thats concerned!
            There is a paln to did a tunnel from Siberia to Alaska. There are two consortia making plans, one Chinese, the other Russian. One day, you will be able to catch a train all the way from Copenhagen to Grand Central via Siberia and Alaska.
            Make sure to check out this wonderfully upbeat infomercial. You will not be disappointed!


            PS: there is a pesky ad right at the begining so skip that …