Suburban Femdom

More from the illustrated story of femdom in the suburbs by Geramdrir


One Note Suburban Femdom

  1. Thank You very much carmenica, for presenting some more from my series 🙂

    If i may i would like to add a little background so this scene does not look like a volontary act of cruelty. In fact it is the only real punishment scene in the series and he (AMrlon) is submitting himself into her power by placing himself on that stool.
    The reason leading to this is that she (Rebecca) had invited all her friends for some afternoon coffee. They are new to the street and it is her entering this social community by inviting all the neigbors. At this event because of Marlon’s fault it comes out that they lead a femdom relationship. What a nice scandal in the neighborhood.
    Rebecca is able to turn this situation somehow by founding the ‘housewives club’ where she will show the others the details oif the femdom lifestyle – but of course she is still very angry at her husband who had revealed their secret. So she sends him off with a ‘we will meet tonigh’ – and he understands what this means: some ounishment session.

    This is what these pictures are about: She performing some tease and denial and letting him feel her supremacy.
    So the first picture shows her explaining to him what he has done to deserve this
    The second is showing her power – that she can do hatever she pleases without him having any chance to avoid
    And the third is the real punishment at the end: Using him for her pleasure and teasing him heavily without allowing him some relief in the end