Public Humiliation

From the illustrated story of femdom in the suburbs by Geramdrir

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  1. Thank You for presenting one of my pictures in Your blog πŸ™‚

    Just want to add that it is not a standalone telling a story but rather an illustration for some text behind.

    I’ve seen there is no comment yet but if somebody wants to talk directly to the creator or ask something i guess this would be a perfect opportunity πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, Geramdrir.
      Humiliation is not an aspect of the D/s dynamic I am easy with although its close relative, Humility seems more interesting and benign.
      However, you have piqued my interest and I would love to know what the supporting text has to say ….

      • I totally agree with You here – i also do not like public humiliation myself.

        I think the title is a bit misleading as this is not the topic i wanted to adress in this picture (it’s interesting that it seems to look like this still). In my series i address different types of femdom games. Humiliation is one of those but only present in one session (out of 11) and not leading to a good end.

        In this one Marlon likes what he is about to do. It’s a role game and the other women watching is out of the special aggreement.

        The basic story is a group of (female) friends that meet every thursday for coffee – every time at a different house. I spoil a little (but it’s only the first of many many turns) but due to a mistake of the husband the secret of one couple – that they lead a bdsm relationship – is revealed. But the main character (female) attacks instead of moving away and offers her friends some insights into bdsm and femdom.
        Of course almost all are not into it – but curious — so they agree. They form a club where each of the woman can try out some secret fantasies.
        The rest deals with these: i did some long research to define more than 25 typical femdom fantasies – and i tried to identify different characters of women who might have more or less desire to express a dominant behavior. Of course not all of them like it and there are many surprises on the way.

        I won’t put the text here as it is already very nice from Carmenica to post my pictures in her blog. You can chack my story out at the link given (it is already 2 years old, so You will have to go back in the archive) and i do plan to do a tumblr for the story (no own homepage yet). So i will only give a short explanation here what it is all about:

        The picture above is from the session with Christine:

        Christine is the “shy one” – the β€˜grey mouse’ And like in real life some of these people who are afraid of being too open about themselves and like to stay hidden still have a rich inner self and plenty of desires and fantasies.
        In the text there are long discussions how to overcome her shyness – and in the end with the help of rebecca she manages to get over it.

        One of the tricks is to put her play-partner in a role that is per definition lower – that of a servant. So making orders is just natural. Second step is to degrade him a bit to make the difference even more obvious – so he is being put into a maid’s outfit.
        In the text before this picture they slowly build up a disequilibrium and Christine at the same time gains security.
        The additional topic in this session is using a strapon – it is the next step of imbalance with her taking the male role (it would have been impossible for her to dominate a male, this was the reason he was not the butler – switching into the male role herself gives her the opportunity to show strength and become dominant) After all she is not feeling submissive in her life. She is a technician at a university – and not used to care about her outfit or her role in life. She rather accepts the outside rules but not as she feels inferior but just because they are there and she would not think about questioning them.
        Same is about roles and dominance – she is not used to express what she wants but rather to do what everyone else wants and find that acceptable. This is something this session should change – show that these β€˜rules’ are not engraved in stone.

        The picture here shows as she orders him to help her put on the strapon – as he knows how to do it. But as he does it it has an emotional impact on her – she likes the feeling – and she likes the idea that he by doing that is giving his silent approval…

        • It’s not easy coming up with post titles. πŸ™

          • Thanks, Geramdrir. Thats very interesting. I will try to smoke out the reference

          • I’m sorry Carmenica but my reply to Geramdrir has jumped into the wrong section. I am sure I fulled out the form correctly!

            Anyway, further you your reply, have you thought of having occasional Guest Editors to see what they make of choosing titles for posts?
            There is a BBC Radio New programme where this happens once or twice each year.
            Clearly, any Guests would have to be on exactly the same wavelength as you, and I am NOT proposing myself!

          • Oh – no need to feel sorry. It is interesting for me to see which feelings a picture evokes – and if it is not what i had thought of it is rather a mistake in the picture (how can the viewer know)
            So i see this rather as a valuable feedback

            • I am having trouble finding your story, Geramdrir.
              Can you give me a another clue ?

              • Sorry to hear that πŸ™

                I have no homepage at the moment but think about establishing a tumblr blog with my stories.

                Some of the pages that had it online do not exist any more, so at the moment there are only two sources, but both of them You need an account which is free (sorry for the inconvenience)

                At Renderotica You can find them in my Artist Gallery – the first picture i posted 4 years ago, it is on page 10 (the story is called prosperate housewives and You will find the pictures in the net, but not the text as nobody is stealing text ;-))
                and the other 121 are following.
                Also my new story i am presenting there at the moment.

                The second sorce is VoD (Visions of Darkness) where i have the opportunity to post the whole story in a single thread, so it is in one piece there (but beware of the back room – also dark stuff there as the name suggests πŸ˜‰ – but promenade gallery is strictly consensual)
                But You also need to create a (free) account