Pool Exits

Peter getting out of Nick’s pool, 1966 – David Hockney

4 Notes Pool Exits

  1. The British Artist Grayson Perry once said that the job of an artist is to notice things.
    I think he was referring primarily to graphic art but it applies just as well to the written word.
    Anyway, i love this image from David Hockney. A lovely composition, drawn with such simplicity and effectiveness, especially the reflections on the surface of the pool.

    • Love the quote – this way an artist is able to bring it to the notice of people who do not notice themselves 😉

      • Let me say a little more.
        In 2013, Grayson Perry was commissioned to give the annual BBC Radio Reith Lectures (named in honour of Lord Reith, the founding Chief Executive of the BBC in 1922.)
        GP had visited a primary school and asked the childen what they thought an Artist did? The childen then took part in several art projects and at the end of their adventure, he asked them once again, what they thought an Artist was there for?
        One little boy replied:
        “I think the job of an Artist is to notice things”
        Theres not much more you can add to that!