Secret Desires

Origin Unknown

Secret Desires

Roland and Camilla De Veere have it all. Both are wealthy, own lovely estates and even servants but there is something missing in the relationship.

Camilla has reached breaking point and is actively considering divorce, despite her misgivings about another failed marriage.

Roland is wrestling with the fact his third marriage is heading for failure and he blames himself and his secret desires.

Roland often travels to avoid the reality of his marriage and while he is away, Camilla makes a startling discovery! She finds a journal written by Roland where he painstakingly described his secret and extreme desires! Secret submissive desires!

Camilla is a woman of wealth and action! She is spurred into an extreme act as the last hurrah of a failing marriage. Roland’s desires are secret no longer!

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  1. Hi, Mrs Carmenica,

    This picture comes from a movie from the company “Tyrannized”. I will try to identify its title in my hard disk. Respectful regards, Severin

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