Alexandra Martynova. Photo by Andrew Yee


Other Shoes

A funny, sad and romantic body-swap tale!

Emily and Charlie are two Brits working for a television channel in San Francisco. Emily is the perfectly groomed, beautiful young woman who presents the frothy beauty/fashion news and gossip on the television magazine program, Bay Sunset.
Charlie is the hard drinking, hard playing cameraman who is a law unto himself. In this case, opposites do not attract as Emily and Charlie despise each other!
However, that changes when they both fall foul of what appears to be a curse and they find themselves switching bodies and walking in the others shoes!
And, until they can find a way to change back, Emily and Charlie are forced to live each others life!
A thoroughly modern fairytale!
“This is not a run of the mill body swap yarn! Diaz mixes humour, true sadness and romance into a spell binding tale of identity! Without a doubt, one of her best!”
“Wow! I loved this! Funny, sad, romantic! Another TG classic from Ms Diaz!”


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