Agent Provocateur lingerie.

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  1. Unfortunately, all is not well at Agent Provocateur. Accoring to a story in the UK newspaper The Independent, “Agent Provocateur sale to Sports Direct is a ‘preposterous disgrace to British business’, says lingerie brand’s founder”.
    Sports Direct has endured a very bad press recently over its employment practices …

    • Yes, the brand could lose value.

      So AP lingerie from the years before will be collectible? Unused, of course! 🙂

      • I’m sure there will always be a plate for quality, style and innovation.
        When a successful Brand looses its way, the baton (thinking of a relay race) gets passed on. AP was always such an exotic presence of the HIgh Street. I hope its not long before a phoenix rises form the ashes but I don’t think the particular phoenix needed here is roosting with Sports Direct.

        • Yes this is definitely sad 🙁
          Here sports direct bought a rather high quality sports shop chain (still family owned if i remember correct) and replaced the items sold with their own brands. Sales went down dramatically as this was not what the typical customer expected to find there…
          Wonder why they bought it at first or what they expected?
          Hope they do not do the same to AP but i fear they will not leave them alone (and let themselves decide about new collection, marketing etc.) but manage them to death 🙁
          I often wonder why some people believe they can do things better than someone who is doing it perfect already – must be some huge ego…