Fetish Diva

Lady Vanessa

Lady Vanessa

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  1. This is exactly the sort of fetish clobber which appeals to this particular male submissive … and just the sort of outfit which is anathema to Madame. Still when you’re enclosed in a Fetters double-skinned tight hood, what She’s wearing is academic; and with my rear still throbbing from “Strap-on Sunday” up in Yorkshire … I have no grounds for complaint!

    On a different tack entirely, I find the use of fill-in flash in these shots quite excessive. One wonders whether Germany is so drab and boring it needs brightening up … probably best if you don’t all rush to answer that one!

    The “Germanification” of Europe continues inexorably under Merciavelli. Sadly now there are only two ways of doing things in Europe … the German way … and the wrong way!


    • I have never found Germany drab! In fact, quite the reverse. In fact, the adjectives I would use for Berlin, based on the last time I went there would be ‘Smart, clean, slick, prosperous, confident, warm, attractive, elegant and inviting. Unfortunately, I can’t use those sort of words about where I am living at the moment, although it has its charms, in a gritty sort of way.

      • I spent many years in Germany and can only agree with Phil. Berlin is wonderful and the small villages and scenery along the rivers are worth lingering in as well. Bavaria is beautiful.

    • The Fill – In Flash. Well, these shots must have been taken in winter because there are no leaves on the trees, so if it was dull, thats why.