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Extreme Games

Peyton Palmer is rich with very kinky tastes!

Unfortunately for her straying husband Ben, she is used to getting exactly what she wants!

And she wants Ben punished and under her control!

A Forced into Stockings tale in 2 volumes with twists and turns!


One of the advantages of a private aircraft was, Peyton thought, that people left you alone.

She sat by herself in a row of just two seats. Michael and Emily, Peyton’s assistants sat at the back and were silently waiting until Peyton required their services.

The function at the Glasgow art gallery had been a publicity success. Emily had arranged the photographers and media “personalities” efficiently and Peyton felt confident her smiling face would grace many publications.

That had achieved one aim of the visit.

The second aim had also been achieved when Michael had arranged a discrete meeting with a certain European figure who people in the know would claim was part of the so called Russian mafia.

They required funds to bankroll some corporate espionage in Germany and Peyton was confident the outcome would be of huge benefit to her financially.

Peyton flicked through the fashion magazine Emily had arranged for her and settled on an editorial about a famous Italian designer.

Peyton was a statuesque woman with dark hair, a discretely enhanced face that was routinely described as beautiful with an elegant sense of fashion.

As she pictured herself in some of the dresses, Peyton wondered what her husband was doing.

Ben was beginning to irritate her with his refusal to play bedtime games. Peyton had a selfish sexual appetite and she had married a much younger man in the hope his sexual appetite would match hers.

She had also chosen Ben because of his smaller size. Ordering him over her knee for a spanking certainly stoked her sexual hunger but, lately, he was refusing to play.

That was annoying and Peyton Palmer did not like to be annoyed! She also had a desire for a certain style of sex and Peyton always got what she wanted!

She had hopes that Ben was kinky enough to want to escalate their games but he was showing all the signs of a conservative fuddy duddy in bed.

Peyton did not want to go back to the high paid escorts Emily used to find for her.

There was always the risk they would leak extremely embarrassing information about Peyton’s sexual fetishes to the media. It was the same reason Peyton did not reveal her little kinks to her former boyfriends.

Marriage had seemed a good ploy to get what she wanted. Ben had seemed eager to please and he was easily whisked away from that bland Megan girl Ben had been about to marry.

Now, instead of escalating their kinky games to where Peyton wanted, Ben was playing hard to get.

That could only mean one thing!

Peyton signalled to Michael who immediately hurried forward.

He was older than Peyton and was completely bald. He wore an impeccable suit (he always did) and his expression was always unreadable. Peyton knew he was completely loyal to her and his confidentiality could be relied upon.

In fact, Peyton thought with a secret smile, both Michael and Emily were completely loyal!

Michael leaned down and Peyton said quietly, ‘I believe my husband is fucking someone. Find out who it is!’

‘Of course, Mrs Palmer.’

‘I want to know before I get home.’

‘It will be done.’

‘And tell Emily she’s late with my cup of tea!’

Michael hurried back and Emily appeared with the cup of tea on a tray.

‘You’re late, Emily,’ Peyton said quietly, fingering the gold charm bracelet on her left wrist. It held many small charms and Emily blinked.

‘I didn’t want to disturb your meeting with…’

‘I’m sure Michael wouldn’t have minded and I like my tea on time.’

‘I’m sorry, Ms Palmer.’

Peyton looked up at the perfectly sculptured face and saw fear in the green eyes.

Peyton released the charm bracelet and picked up the tea cup.

‘You may go,’ she said.

Ben was nervous so he had another drink.

Peyton had landed and was now driving to their house. Ben’s nervousness was increasing as he imagined his wife drawing closer and closer.

There were no permanent servants in the house even though Ben had suggested it many times to his wife.

Peyton always answered that she wanted privacy and did not want servants observing them.

The housekeeper, Mrs MacFarlane and her small staff let themselves in early each morning to prepare breakfast and to take care of the domestic duties.

They were always gone by four and Ben had to face his wife alone. Often, they went out to dinner or Peyton had a meeting or function she had to attend.

More often than not, she dragged Ben along with her, but when they were preparing for bed was the moment Ben feared the most.

Peyton would have a bath after telling Ben to have a shower in one of the other bathrooms.

Ben learned it was not a request and dutifully had a shower.

Fortunately, for Ben and his nylon and lingerie fetish, Peyton enjoyed dressing in fetish clothes. It was all part of what she laughingly called her “little games”!

A tight white panty girdle with suspender straps, a matching old fashioned bra, nylons and stilettos.

More and more, she also wore white satin opera gloves which was a signal that she wanted spank Ben.

His heart always sank at the sight of the gloves but his traitorous cock was hard at the mere sight of Peyton crammed into her fetish lingerie, her large breasts barely contained by the 1950 style bra.

Once, he had waited in the bedroom dressed in pyjamas but Peyton had hit the roof once she saw those striped monstrosities!

Her anger was clearly apparent!

In a cold but forceful voice she pointed out that she had dressed in sexy clothes for him and the very least he could do was be naked and ready!

Feeling like a piece of meat that Peyton had purchased (the reality was that he was exactly that), Ben had quickly complied.

I am well out of this, he told himself as he nervously paced, waiting for the sound of Peyton’s key in the front door. Well shot of this crazy woman and her crazy games!

And those spooky two assistants, Michael and Emily, who follow Peyton around!

Chloe’s mobile beeped and she quickly looked at the screen.

It was a text from Ben.

I am telling her in a few minutes!

Chloe smiled and put the phone down.

It did appear her well planned game was working and she was well on the way to getting her hands on some of that Palmer money!

Humming to herself, she decided to have a glass of white wine.

Just one. Have to watch the figure!

‘Are you sure about this, Michael?’ Peyton asked as the car sped towards the house.

Emily sat next to Peyton, her eyes watchful, waiting, ready to follow any instruction from Peyton.

‘Absolutely,’ Michael said softly. ‘I have a watcher embedded at the office…’

‘Chloe Bowman is fucking my husband?’

‘Yes,’ Michael said.

‘She’s too smart to just want to shag him. She’s after money.’

‘That was my conclusion,’ Michael said with a glance at Emily who nodded slightly.

‘We will see then, won’t we?’ Peyton said with a thin smile.

Peyton called, ‘Darling, I’m back from the wilds of Scotland,’ as she removed her coat.

She walked to the large living room and found her husband standing nervously by the fireplace.

‘Don’t I get a kiss?’ Peyton said with a smile.

Ben hurried to her side to peck her cheek. Peyton smelled the whiskey and guessed her husband was trying to find courage for something.

Then, a terrible thought struck her!

Don’t tell me he actually loves Chloe Bowmen!

The smile slipped for a moment at that painful thought but Peyton was an expert at controlling her feelings.

‘I’d like a gin and tonic,’ Peyton said and sat down on the sofa, legs crossed as she watched her nervous husband making the drink.

Her mind was already racing through possibilities and outcomes. Peyton Palmer was a cunningly intelligent woman who had accumulated vast wealth through legal and illegal means by exploiting her ruthlessness and that intelligence.

As she sipped the drink, she decided one thing!

If Ben does not love me, another woman will not have him! I provided for him and he belongs to me just as much as any car or furniture I’ve paid for.

Ben began to nervously speak after downing his drink and making another.

‘Darling, I think we’ve come to a time in our marriage…’

Peyton didn’t really listen. She had already guessed what he was going to say!

She did keep an interested and concerned expression on her face as her husband droned on and on.

A real man, she thought, would simply pack a bag, tell me to piss off and walk out!

She looked thoughtfully at her sweating husband a she fumbled for words.

Then again, Peyton thought, he’s not much of a real man, is he? Not really.  And he never really wanted to play my games?

Her brow furrowed at that.

No, he never loved me, he just wanted my money and pretended to want to play my games! Well, we’ll see about that!

Peyton suddenly realised that her husband had finished his faltering speech and was looking at her with real concern and a little fear.

‘I understand, darling,’ Peyton said smoothly. ‘You feel we have grown apart.’

‘Yes! Exactly!’ Ben said with relief.

‘I assume you want a divorce?’

‘Well…yes…I mean…there’s no point continuing on like this, is there?’ Ben said with an apologetic smile.

‘None at all. I suppose we should announce this to everyone.’

‘Well…yes…I suppose…’

Ben was puzzled.

She’s taking this awfully well. She’s not at all upset and I half expected her to be throwing things at me.

He watched his wife smiling at him and playing with the infernal charm bracelet, a habit that annoyed Ben.

‘A sudden announcement like this could alarm investors,’ Peyton said calmly. ‘I suggest we keep quiet about this until next week.  We go on as normal until next Monday when we put out a statement saying we are separating and will remain friends. Something like that.’

‘Well…I suppose…’

‘You can move into the guest bedroom.’

‘Of course. I’ll do that straight away.’

‘And you have your Geneva trip. I can’t ask someone else to jump into that. You don’t mind still going, do you?’

‘No…of course not…look, Peyton, I am sorry…’

‘Don’t be. Things happen like this. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to be alone.’

‘Of course. I’ll go and move my things.’

Ben almost ran from the room and hurried to move his clothes from the main bedroom to the guest room.

If he had remained in the living room, he would have seen his wife’s calm expression replaced with a cold determined look, her eyes glittering and callous as her fingers played with a small gold key hanging from the charm bracelet.


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