Strap-On Saturday Again!

2 Notes Strap-On Saturday Again!

  1. Carrie just wasn’t into anything much this Saturday, but she knew that if she didn’t routinely put her little boy husband in his place, he may start to get a wee bit independent.

    She told him some of her boyfriends had been complaining about his lack of enthusiasm when they were fucking him and she told him she felt he needed to work on his hip movements. Besides she could then just sit there and let him do all the work.

    She had him back up to her, and positioning her dildo, had him sit down, impaling himself. When it was completely inside she smacked his ass and told him to get moving up and down and he better put some passion into his movements.

    After five minutes she shoved him off and onto the floor, mounting his face dildo and began to vigorously move her hips. This is how you move when fucking, asshole, but maybe fifty with the cane will get yours moving in the future.

  2. Great comment, Carmenica. And why should he want to displease her, particularly clad as she is?