There appears to be a line! Could be a music festival!
There’s always a line at those awful portable toilets at music festivals! 🙂


7 Notes Saturday.

  1. One aspect of social interaction totally missing from a man’s life is the friendly conversations to be had when waiting in an orderly line for your turn in the toilet. It’s amazing to me that women can converse when dying for the loo!

    It also amazes me that women can continue those conversations WHILE having a pee … through the cubicle’s walls.

    This puts a whole new perspective on event toileting arrangements. They do indeed seem to be standing in line and peeing in the sunshine must be so much more pleasant than in one of those claustrphobic & smelly plastic portable cubicles … but it’s not for the faint-hearted!

    As for the venue, I’m perplexed. The ground seems to be marked out as possibly a tennis court and there’s a tall wall behind, not what you’d expect for a music festival … but there again, this is not what you’d expect to see at a public event!


    • In clubs and bars, it was amazing the information picked up when peeing!

      And the conversation continued around the mirror. Then you could put a face to the voice.

      How do you know, Suburban, what goes on in the female bathrooms? 🙂

      • OK, Carmenica. this is interesting. Exactly what sort of information?
        There is not much conversation to be had in UK mens bathrooms so I have not much to share in return.

  2. I believe that picture was taken at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.