Friday: Chris of England

I have never had a problem removing work at the request of an artist. I have always followed their request promptly.

I recently received what could only be called an abusive and threatening email from Chris (of England). As you are aware, his work is freely available on the web.

It seems he chooses to ignore the other sites (6 pages of such sites on Google search) and is focused on me. Rather flattering, I suppose, but he threatened β€œbig, big trouble” and to β€œhunt me down”.

All empty threats, of course but, sadly, they probably made him feel good.

Funnily, I did try to contact him twice before his pathetic emails. Once three years ago, and once four and a half years ago. The purpose was to interview him but he chose to ignore both emails. Perhaps my site wasn’t important enough then for him to β€œhunt down”!

Sadly, people ugly in soul & ugly in nature are everywhere these days.

The art of this average artist was adequate, I suppose, but will not be missed.Β  As a matter of record, the art consisted of a mere 50 posts among 16,000.


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