Milking Monday: 6 of 6

2 Notes Milking Monday: 6 of 6

  1. The GIF format gives the impression of a methodical young lady of INFINITE patience … and judging by the means of bondage, it must have taken about an hour to get him into that position and condition!

    Curiosity “pricked” I investigated further but was unable to confidently identify the device [Or devise if you’re in the States] but did discover that LoveHoney alone have a whole page devoted to such “strokers”.

    It should not surprise worldly-wise Carmenistas that human inventiveness knows NO bounds in only two fields … how to kill one another and how to give another a mind-blowing orgasm!


  2. Its curious: there is often a moral panic about anything to do with physical pleasure but on the other hand, little boys are often given military toys of one sort or another and their parents and others are happy to watch them play at killing people.
    However Image 3 in today’s Blog Post, shows a guy getting more than he expected and it looks to be the genuine article if his facial expressions are to be believed.