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Rather nice knickers.

Women did not usually wear knickers until the end of the 18th century.Β  It gives a different twist to Jane Austen novels when you consider Jane, Elizabeth and the other Bennet sisters were free and breezy under those gowns.

Lyrcra and lace are the worst types of knickers to wear constantly! It is best to wear cotton or to go free! No yeast infections!

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  1. Carmenica, did you see the BBC TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth? This was the very first occasion I understood and enjoyed Austen. If it passed you by, its available on a BBC video. A ‘must see’.

    • Yes, have seen it. Also saw the BBC series where a woman goes back in time(?) to become a member of the story. You had to know P&P well to get the humour. My SO is trying to get me to watch P&P &Zombies! I have drawn the line (but will probably give in)!
      Emma was the first book I read completely in English. A strange place to start but wanted to read Austen in the original.

      • The Time Traveller series past me by completely. Do you have the name of it and I can follow it up?