Chastity Day: 3 of 6

3 Notes Chastity Day: 3 of 6

  1. From time to time, Readers pose the question ‘Is this image real or is it posed?’
    This time, I am pretty sure its an image from Life and not an idea from Art

  2. If they are British perhaps they campaigned against leaving or exiting.

    • I am afraid that we have seen an outstanding victory for insularity, xenophobia and small-mindedness in the recent political events in the UK. It is such a crushing disappointmet but I have to say, not unexpected. In the nineteen sixties, Gereral De Gaulle rejected British efforts to come closer in political terms to Europe saying that we were not european enough. This was though to be very insulting at the time but I now think the General made a very astute assessment and has been vindicated in the long run – unfortunately.