The Way We Were (Story)

He stood nervously by the dressing table as his wife applied lipstick. The room was silent except for the sound of his ragged, hoarse breathing. In the evening air, the distant sound of a car door slamming, laughter and a dog. He watched the lipstick move over her lips.

Suddenly, his wife was very sexy to him. She was wearing a full white satin slip with a froth of lace at the hem as well as at the bust line. Her hair was curled and shone as she had visited the hairdressers that afternoon.

The “do” had been expensive but it wasn’t every day that a woman…

As usual, he was naked in her presence with his rotund belly hanging over his groin. Middle age had not been good to him. Too many business lunches, cocktails and minimal exercise as well as a genetic leaning towards baldness. The mirror reminded him constantly that he was not worthy, that she deserved something better.

She enjoyed making him remove his clothes. Savoured the power while she was always dressed, rationing his availability of her flesh. And so, he was naked.

Completely naked except for the silver chastity tube that completely enclosed his penis. It was locked on with a very secure lock. There was only one key to that lock and his wife kept it in a secure and, to him, an unknown location.

Just as he had originally fantasised and, one fateful evening, had told her of that fantasy. And of course, she did not want to stop there. She needed to know more! And, he told her.

She screwed the top back onto the lipstick and turned her dark unfathomable eyes on her husband.

He blinked, swallowed nervously and murmured, ‘are…are you sure…’


The exclamation burst from her red lips with obvious irritation.

‘You are not going on with that again, are you?’ She carefully blotted her lipstick and he stared at the cupid bow imprint of her red lips left on the tissue.

‘I’m…I’m sorry but…’

‘But what?’ It was obvious she was irritated.

‘I’m…I’m not sure about…’

With a dramatic and somewhat weary sight, she stood up and smoothed the satin slip down over her hips. He could see the outline of the white bottomless girdle she was wearing through the smooth white satin slip.

He also knew she was not wearing any panties and he remembered when she had squeezed her voluptuous bum into the girdle.

‘I’m glad we decided on this bottomless girdle. I want to provide easy access,’ she had explained to her husband as she had wiggled into the girdle, large breasts rippling in the cups of the matching bra with her exertion.

That simple reminder had cut through the husband like a knife while his penis squirmed uselessly within the chastity belt.

Clipping her bracelet around her left wrist, she turned her calm eyes onto her husband. His eyes fell to the wedding ring on her finger.

‘Do you want to go back to the way we were?’

‘I…I don’t know…’

‘You either do or you don’t,’ she said emphatically.

Her eyes held his for a long moment and then she ordered, ‘go and get my nylons. The sheer beige ones we purchased last Friday.’

He went to the drawers and removed the packet.

They had spent last Friday shopping for the clothes she would wear tonight.

Then, it had been a sexy game and he had eagerly helped her with the bottomless girdle, the slip, the stockings and the new dress.

Now, one week later, it was no longer a game.

His hand shook when he offered the packet of stockings.

‘For goodness sakes,’ she said irritably, ‘open it!’

With sad eyes, he tore the packet open and carefully removed the two beige stockings. They were so sheer and so delicate his cock throbbed painfully within the chastity belt.

When was the last time she had let him orgasm?

Two weeks ago? A humiliating wank while she watched, sipping her Sherry and a bored smile on her round face. She had allowed him the treat of smelling her worn pantyhose while he masturbated.

Two weeks ago…

‘I’m going to give you a treat,’ she said with a brittle smile.


‘You can put my stockings on. Here, I’ll pull the hem of my slip up so you’ll be able to secure them to the suspenders.’

He looked at her long leg with such longing as she smiled and extended her foot.

‘Come on, my darling, I don’t want to be late.’

As he rolled the stocking over her left foot, he looked up and said, ‘dear, are we sure now is…is the right time…’

‘Of course it is.’

‘I’m…I’m not sure it is,’ he said, rolling the stocking up her legs.

A glance up her legs and  he suddenly saw she had trimmed her pubic hair! The wiry bushy growth had vanished and just a trendy manicured strip remained.

A landing strip! It was not for him! It was for…

‘You’re not sure!’ She savagely mimicked him and sighed. ‘Are you saying you want to go back to the way things were?’

She extended her leg and critically examined the stocking as he snapped the suspenders in place on the stocking top band.

‘You asked me to take control! You begged me to cuckold you! Hasn’t it all been exciting for you? You seem to enjoy it when I allow you to play with your dicky!’

He flushed and picked up the second stocking.

‘Y…yes but…’

‘Just think how things were! Why, they were boring! Terribly boring! And the last few months have been exciting, haven’t they?’


‘Put the other stocking on, will you? Stop dilly dallying! Goodness, I should have put it on myself! Perhaps you don’t deserve a treat!’

‘No, I’m sorry. I’ll…I’ll hurry…’

Quickly, he rolled the second stocking over the toes of her other leg, his cock twisting and throbbing uselessly within the chastity belt.

She watched him for a moment.

‘Do you want to go back to the way we were?’

‘No, no…but…’

‘But what?’

The words exploded from him in a sudden burst of anguish.

‘Why did you have to choose someone I work with?’

A smile danced for a few seconds on her lips.

‘Oh, is that what’s bothering you?’

‘He…he works for me…’



‘Darling, from what you’ve told me, you both love and hate humiliation. Is that correct?’


‘Is that correct!’

‘Yes, dear,’ he said hurriedly.

‘Then what could be more humiliating than your wife cuckolding you with one of your junior employees?’

‘But…’ His bottom lip trembled.

‘He won’t know that you know, darling,’ she soothed as she pulled the slip down and stood up.

‘He…he won’t?’

‘No,’ she said and then cruelly added, ‘not yet, anyway. At some future time, I might allow you to watch. He’d have to know then, wouldn’t he?’

He was torn between the terrible humiliation of a junior employee knowing of his unusual married life and the prospect of actually watching his wife make love to another man!

His chastised cock throbbed painfully at the quandary.

‘Goodness, is that the time? Get my dress!’

With her dress on, clutch handbag in one hand and her fur coat over her shoulders, she walked to the door.

‘I’ve called for a taxi,’ she said calmly. ‘It will be here soon.’

He looked at so mournfully she frowned.

‘Such a sad face! I would have thought you’d be happy! Your fantasy is coming true! Do you want to go back to the way we were?’

He stared sadly at the door.

‘Do you?’

‘No, dear,’ he whispered.

‘I thought not. You can watch television. The parental code to unlock the television set is “cuck1”. You can watch TV until eleven then you can go to bed. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.’

They both heard the toot of the taxi.

‘The taxi is here. I must go. Bye, darling!’

The door closed behind her and with a heavy heart, he turned for the living room.

Misty watercolour memories of the way we were.

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind

smiles we give to one another

for the way we were.

Can it be that it was all so simple then

or has time rewritten every line?

If we had the chance to do it all again

tell me would we? Could we?*


First published 2010 – Copyright Carmenica Diaz

 *Bergman, Hamslich, Bergman

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  4. Maam, you have talent!

  5. Nice! Short but so much in it. Enjoyed it very much.

  6. No probably we cannot change what has been rewritten. But its worth it – every moment of it.
    Thank you for this lovely story.

  7. No this can never be rewritten – but every moment lived in it is wonderful. Thank you for this beautiful story.

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