Cuckold Reality Preview

Cuckold Reality.

Synopsis: Cuckold Reality – a love story! Roxanne and Gordon have been married for many years and Gordon had often asked (sometimes demanded) that Roxanne take control and help him live the kinky fantasies he has always dreamed of.
And so, for his birthday, Gordon gets what he had wanted!
Reality can be such a bitch and, as Gordon discovers, so can Roxanne!
(36,204 words)


I admit that I had asked Roxanne, my wife, many times to take our mild BDSM play a little further.

Perhaps, I even nagged and, once or twice when I had more than a few drinks, demanded! It was important, I felt, and was like a dog with a bone as I wanted more excitement in our vanilla sex life but Roxanne did not seem that interested. Yes, she tried by tying me up and even some half-hearted spankings but it was obvious her heart was not in it.

Three months ago, I got more than a little drunk and told her she was selfish. That all I wanted was some experimentation with dominance.

‘What sort of dominance?’ Roxanne had quietly asked.

‘Chastity control,’ I blathered, ‘cuckolding, humiliation…’

I was slurring my words and weaving on my feet. Some things about that night are hazy but I do remember Roxanne had just said, ‘I never knew just how selfish you were, Gordon!’

Unwisely, I didn’t give up and even gave Roxanne links to chastity and cuckold websites. She never commented on them and I resigned myself to a completely vanilla life.

We were in a dull place in our relationship. After many years of marriage and with the children gone, Roxanne and I just had each other so we had time on our hands.

I was younger than Roxanne was by two months. For her fortieth birthday, I took her on a wonderful night out and a fabulous meal at a pricey restaurant. I also purchased an expensive charm bracelet for her, which Roxanne loved.

‘You know what’s great about turning forty,’ she said after a few glasses of wine.’


‘You’ll find out in two months, youngster!’ Roxanne joked.

‘Very funny. No, tell me.’

‘It’s simple. I don’t have to be nice anymore!’

‘Nice? What do you mean?’

‘Nice,’ she repeated and that was all she said.

Roxanne did not look forty! In fact, she looked more like thirty with a toned body from dance lessons and the gym so she had a curvy figure that still turned me on.

‘To us,’ I proposed and Roxanne looked at me strangely before confirming the toast.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘to us.’


Two months later, it was my birthday and I was hopeful of a real treat!

I was not disappointed.

‘Here he is,’ Roxanne laughed, ‘Gordon the birthday lad!’

‘It’s not my birthday yet,’ I said. ‘It’s not midnight.’

‘So,’ Roxanne pouted, ‘you don’t want your special treat now?’

‘Depends on what it is.’

‘It involves you being tied up on the bed and me,’ Roxanne said with an exaggerated wiggle of her eyebrows, ‘doing what you’ve dreamed of!’

‘Really?’ I croaked, cock hardening in my trousers.

‘Yes,’ she said with a sly grin. ‘Go and have a nice shower and shave while I get those bondage straps from the cupboard below the stairs.’

I had purchased those straps on-line ages ago and they had never been used because of my drunken outburst.

‘Ok,’ I said eagerly and bounded up the stairs.

Roxanne called out as I reached the landing, ‘Gordon!’


‘No playing with yourself in the shower, my lad! We want to save it!’

‘Ah…ok,’ I said flushing and then hurried to the bathroom.

I quickly shaved and then washed myself thoroughly in the hot shower, my mind spinning with possibilities.

What was Roxanne planning?

The fact she was using the bondage straps I had bought a long time ago and never used was a hopeful sign!

After shaving and scrubbing myself clean, I put on my robe and walked out of the bathroom.

Roxanne had put candles around the bedroom. When I saw the bondage straps connected to the four corners of our large bed, my cock hardened.

My wife walked in and Roxanne was also dressed in a robe. Her legs, however were sheathed in black nylon so I knew she was wearing something sexy under that old robe.

‘Where do you want me?’

‘Someone is eager,’ Roxanne laughed, pointing at where my pulsing stiff cock made a tent in the front of the robe. ‘I want you on your back on the bed.’


‘No robe. Naked is so much fun!’

She laughed again and I shucked the robe before climbing onto the bed.

It did not take Roxanne long to restrain my arms and legs so I was spreadeagled on the bed in a star position with my cock hard.

‘You are enjoying this,’ Roxanna said, looking down at my cock.

I tested the bonds and found that Roxanne had securely fastened the straps. It would not be possible for me to move without Roxanne’s assistance.

My wife smiled down at me as she removed the robe. My cock twitched in appreciation when I saw Roxanne was dressed in a black bustier and sheer black panties. There were suspender straps connected to the bustier and her legs were clad in gleaming black stockings that shone seductively in the candlelight.

‘You like?’

‘Very sexy,’ I croaked.

‘I can see you like it.’

Roxanne bent over me and twisted a tuft of my pubic hair.

‘Ow! What was that for?’

‘No reason. Just because I could. I think it’s time to get rid of that.’

‘Get rid of what?’

‘That hair.’

‘No, don’t…’

‘You’re not in any position to argue, Gordon,’ Roxanne said gaily. ‘I’ll be right back. Don’t go away.’

I pulled at the straps but they would not move.

Minutes later, Roxanne bustled in with a tray with a bowl of water and various implements on it.

‘You’re not really going to shave…’

‘I’m the boss, aren’t I?’


‘I thought you wanted me to make your fantasies come true?’

‘I don’t have a fantasy about removing my pubic hair!’

‘No? You have so many, I would have thought that would be one of your sex fantasies,’ Roxanne said sweetly.


‘You do want me to dominate you, don’t you?’


‘That is what I am doing. I am deciding you will have a bald willy so shut up!’

I suddenly realised how vulnerable I was and that, for some reason, Roxanne was not in a good mood.

I should be happy, I told myself, as she is finally trying one of my fantasies.

That was something as, after years of begging and persuading, Roxanne was, at least, tackling one of my tamer fantasies.

Why not sacrifice my pubic hair?

So, I watched silently as Roxanne used an electric clipper to remove all my pubic hair. My cock looked strange but she hadn’t finished as Roxanne applied shaving foam to my groin and balls.

‘I would keep wery wery still,’ Roxanne said, mimicking Elmer Fudd, ‘as I have a razor here and one false move and it’s goodbye Gordon, hello Gorgeous Gal!’

I shut my mouth instantly and watched as Roxanne carefully shaved my groin and balls.

My cock remained achingly stiff throughout the process but Roxanne studiously avoided touching it. However, the mere presence of her hand, so close to my straining cock, made me quiver and shudder with a deep arousal that was building by the minute.

After cleaning me up with a towel, Roxanne stood back and studied my now bald groin and balls.

‘You know,’ she said thoughtfully, ‘I thought it would make your cock look bigger but…’

Roxanne packed up the shaving implements and walked away, leaving my mind spinning with unanswered questions.

What did she mean by that?

Does my wife think my cock is small?

Is it small?

Being married to the same woman for over twenty years means there is no risk of comparison. Roxanne was, in my opinion, a demure, unworldly even sexually naive woman when we married.

Why would she suddenly think my cock was small?

Was she just playing mind games with me as I have asked her to when she dominates me?

Roxanne returned and smiled at me.

My cock twitched in appreciation of her magnificent breasts cupped in the bra of the bustier, almost spilling out. She was beautiful and the way her seductive slit was almost visible through the tight sheer panties drove me insane with lust.

‘Now I have my wicked way with you,’ Roxanne laughed.

In one easy movement, Roxanne swung onto the bed and kneeling astride me.

‘You’ve always wanted me to force you to eat pussy, darling. Now, you will do exactly that!’

Calmly, she lifted up and sat firmly on my face, her thighs pressed against my head, stocking nylon rubbing my cheeks.

Instantly, the ripe scent of her cunt swamped my nostrils and it was obvious Roxanne was wet and, therefore, aroused.

She still had panties on and the soaking gusset pressed against my mouth.

Roxanne rubbed herself against me with no concern for my inability to breathe, swamping me with her pungent musky scent.

Suddenly, she lifted off me and laughed at me.

Her laugh was not warm and affectionate.

In fact, there was an edge to it that made me think my wife was quite the actress, that she was making our little scene quite realistic.

‘Like that?’

I mumbled something into her wet panties and Roxanne yanked at my hair.


Answer me!’

‘Yes, I liked it,’ I mumbled.

‘Thought so. Dicky is still stiff!’

Roxanne swung off me and stood by the bed.

A strange smile flickered over her face as she shimmed seductively out of her wet panties.

My eyes fell to her hairy pussy and my cock twitched again.

‘Open up,’ Roxanne said as she pressed the panties into a ball.


‘Open up! I’m going to gag you with my knickers. It’s a fantasy of yours, right?’

My face grew warm but I opened my mouth.

Roxanne thrust the balled panties into my open mouth and I immediately tasted her pussy all over again.

She removed a roll of tape from the bedside drawer and, before I could even resist or think, Roxanne had taped over my mouth, holding the panties as a gag.


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10 Notes Cuckold Reality Preview

  1. Just another great one!!! Love to see were you may go with this. Any future planed?
    Oh by the way….I’ll either have to read slower or maybe you could write faster 🙂

    • Damm! I thought I’d be the first to read it!
      Loved it! This is quite a tease, Carmenica! You said there would be twists and turns! The ending was the best and leaves open the chance for a sequel? Please?

  2. Fantastic story in the exceptional Diaz style. Your dialogue continues to be superb.

    Must be getting dizzy these days. Earlier today when I saw the post, I only thought this was a preview and missed the fact the entire story was complete. Only when I read the two comments later, did I realize it was finished.

  3. Wonderful! The ending was great! Another job well done, Carmenica. Thanks.

  4. Like a fine wine, you get better with ecah passing year, Carmenica.
    This is one of your best female domination stories and had eveyrthing I like. Chastity, cuckolding and, without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it, a wonderful ending.
    Thank you for giving your readers so much pleasure.

  5. What a treat this book is! I enjoyed every minute of it and read it quickly. The dialogue, as was mentioned before, is terrific and the plot was unusual and exciting.
    The ending promises a sequel but, maybe, its best left there so I can imagine what happens to Roxanne and Gordon.
    A great read! Thank you!

  6. this is a great story

  7. Ms Diaz, having just discovered your small spot on the web, I am sure I have found one of the best kept secrets of all time!
    My congratulations on such a wealth of material! Not only the many, many books for sale but also the stories, the ability to preview books before buying and your rather specialized taste in art of all types!
    Have lurked for sometime and have just plucked up the courage to purchase a book. Cuckold Reality was everything it promised and more. Terrific value and what a gift for dialog you have! I felt like I was in the story!
    You have a new and devoted fan who is now happily working his way through your back catalog.

  8. Can you continue this? Another book?

  9. Superb! Loved it! More, please!