Sunday: 6 of 6

Bregje Heinen photographed by Jonas Bresnan for Vogue Mexico, November 2015.

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  1. A technical question Carmenica, if I my.
    Bregje Heinen has been photographed for Vogue Mexico.
    Do particular countries favour a particular ‘look’ as reflected by the models the editorial team choose?
    Is it true to say that a certain face and body will be appreciated more in Italy than in the UK or The United States?
    I’m just curious. I think age is against me as far as a career in modelling is concerned!

    • The short answer is yes.
      Although, editorials from the prime magazines are sometimes repeated in the minor editions. One of the major drivers is, of course, seasons. Example, an October editorial on coats, scarves and beanies in France would not be repeated in Australia in the same month. Many repeats are also not a good idea as the real fashionistas buy more than one edition of Vogue. Even easier with all the editions online now.

  2. nice manicure… bulbous nose