Interview with Juan Puyal – Artist

1. Juan, thank you so much for giving some time to us. Could you give us a little background?

I was born in 1936 in Barcelona (Spain) and ever since I remember, Ihave loved comic publications.
Nothing has attracted my attention that to see drawings and to draw.
I always yearned to work as such, but it was not possible until reaching adult age, then in Spain it was fixed at 21 years. I had to face risks and family circumstances that were opposed but finally I decided to try.
To begin was very difficult, but I was lucky, a good friend helped me to debut and later that helped my situation. My technique at the beginning was faulty and cost me many days and effort obtaining the work was that worthy of a good professional.
For almost thirty years I worked for European magazines for young people. Later, in 1985 I jumped at the chance to draw for fetish magazines, as Swisk. That has been very successful up to now.
In the last years I worked for Sandy Thomas’ publications and Carole Jean.
Now, I live with my wife near the beach in a small coastal city of the Spanish Levant.

2. You are a very talented artist that manages to capture the essence of FemDom and, particularly, forced femme. When did you discover you had a talent for art?

I don’t want to assume a pose of false modesty. The truth is that I have never thought about this question. I make my drawings because it is my personal necessity to express me and without keeping in mind that they reflect a possible artistic talent. For my own work, I am a bad judge.

3. Where do you get inspiration from for you wonderful pictures?

The inspiration comes from experience. The movies help and everything is useful to recreate characters and situations. Anything is new in the life, it only changes the aspect of the things. Each artist’s fantasy is indispensable for one to create situations.

4. Are there any other artists that inspire you now?

There are so many excellent artists that it turns out difficult to choose for one.
I don’t have predilections, any honest artist can attract my attention, the indispensable thing in an artist is to be honest.

5. Tells us about some of your favourites – films, books, music.

I like Danny Kaye’s old movies and the Italian cinema of the 50’s, also the historical documentary. The current films interest me very little and they bore me. I belong to another time. I listen whenever I can the music of my favorite authors, Tchaikowsky, Shostakovich. I like the whole music of the Romantics.

6. What plans do you have for the future

To continue drawing, working and to continue learning.

Juan, I understand English is not you first language so thank you for allowing your fans a small glimpse into your life.

Thank you for your interest and for the interview, it has been a pleasure.

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4 Notes Interview with Juan Puyal – Artist

  1. Very pleased that you managed to interview this great artist. He gives us an excellent glimpse of Femdom in a Latino context. The faces of his ladies are a thrilling mixture of beauty and dominance. Who could ever think of resisting such ladies ?

  2. I agree. The faces are the key. I’m a fan of his work.

  3. I enjoyed this interview, however brief. Thanks. The details of Danny Kaye movies, Italian cinema of the 50s, a love for Romantic composers, and his modesty about his accomplishments all help create a personal portrait of this talented artist whose work I have seen for quite awhile but about whom I knew little.