Worship Wednesday: 4 of 6

4 Notes Worship Wednesday: 4 of 6

  1. Very educational. I’d always been inclined to dive right in!

  2. Oh no Luke! In this picture she is circleing with the tip of her tongue which is good, but I have always found using the flat of the tongue on one side and then the other side of the outer labia is the most preferred first step.

  3. Just dive in? Oh no … that would never do! Be circumspect, work round the edges, tease, be gentle … she’ll tell you when she wants you do “dive in” [AND, if you’re new to eachother … exactly HOW she wants you to “dive”]

    Oral worship isn’t about what you want to do or think you should do … it’s about what SHE wants and needs!


  4. I welcome the advice from my obviously more experienced peers. Now all that is needed is a Goddess to help me perform and perfect my newly discovered education. Carmenica? hehe!