Monday: 2 of 6

3 Notes Monday: 2 of 6

  1. It has long been a fantasy of mine to be raped as I worship Madame, with her feeling, as well as hearing, my combined gasps of distress and pleasure.

    However, I think her inviting another woman into one of our scenes unlikely in the extreme, so it looks as though it will remain forever, one … or the other!


    • Well, it is none of my business but, you might discuss with Madame fulfilling your fantasy without a third person. If you were seated on a sybian and she had the speed control while you worshiped her that might serve. If a sybian isn’t sufficient surely a wooden chair with a hole in the seat and one of those machines which are unattractively called ‘fucking machines’ might cause sufficient distress.

      • A Sybian eh??? Hmmm, an absolute bargain at $1,345 [Plus another $150 for the “Special Attachment” package … of course!]

        Even if I had cash to burn, at our country retreat we’ve reached the limit of our storage capacity for adult play things [Bringing our new Fetters hood up here meant something else had to be thrown out!]