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Daria Akinshina! Isn’t she just stunning?

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  1. As a rule I find female body builders quite unattractive, but yes, you’re right Carmenica …she’s absolutely STUNNING!


    • I agree. She is lovely. Is she really a body builder or is she some sort of an athlete? Her body is sculpted but doesn’t seem to have the artificialy pumped (and sometimes steroided) muscles that I normally associate with body builders, male or female.

  2. Stunning? She certainly is, Carmenica!
    Do you know anything about her? I did a Google search which told me that Daria Akinshina was a property specialist working for the UK company Cushman Wakefield – and I did not believe that for a moment! Unless there is more to the property market than is generally known?
    In answer to Richard, no she has not been on steroids but she has reduced her body fat percent to somewhere about 15% and toned up her muscles in the process. It needs a lot of work but this IS what more of us could look like if we set about it in the right way.

  3. There is more to say about this and in a more serious vein
    You will be aware of the epidemic of obesiry now prevalent in many western countrues.
    One of the keys to resolving the situation is to encourage people to have higher expectations of themselves.
    This is the sort of pictiure which generates expectatios and ambitions and in that context, Daria is performing a public service – as well as raising spirits all round.
    So Phil, what about you? Hmmm. Not quite ready to exhibit a selfie on Carmenica’s Blog – but I am working on it!