Therapy – Now Available

Therapy is now available.
Sadie and Ethan have a problem. Ethan is submissive and wants to play sexual games that Sadie thinks is “abnormal”. Sadie insist that Ethan visit a counsellor and both agree to discuss their problems during therapy.
Doctor Jamison suggests a radical plan – a weekend away where Ethan experiences all his fantasies – a taste or reality, Doctor Jamison suggests, may just “cure” Ethan.
Reluctantly, Sadie agrees to go along with the startling therapy! (24,007 words)


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7 Notes Therapy – Now Available

  1. Great story! You’ve written so many good ones, including this one, Each with its own little twist that makes it enjoyable and stimulating and a fun read.

    Thanks for all your efforts and creativity and I’m looking forward to ADM January.

  2. Very enjoyable! Lighter touch than some of your crueller stories but very nice. Dare I say even a little romantic?

  3. As always, I am amazed by your skills and imagination!

  4. Read with interest that you are working on a new Alchemy book.
    As a fan of your TG books, I am very happy to hear of a new Alchemy book as I love that series.
    Your transgender romance books are always worth waiting for.

    • Thank you. And yes, working on a new Alchemy book entitled Alchemy Return. Have written many words but it will be a long story.

  5. When I start one of Carmenica’s stories, I often feel as if I am lighting a dangerous firework; its going to be good but its going to bang and sting! This is different. Its an excellent story. It is concise, finely balanced and beautifully poised. In particular, I liked the way Carmenica’s characters were truely in love with each other; for example, the moment when Sadie apologises to Ethan for not understanding his needs. If a friend -or perhaps a spouse – asks what “this D/s thing” is all about, this is the book you could give them. Thank you, Carmenica – oh and by the way, if Sadie and Ethan have another weekend away at the Retreat, can you tell us what went on? I really would like to know!

  6. thanks so much for this story! maybe the most sexy and certainly one of the most romantic mistress/submissive stories i have ever read. a story that you would love to give to the woman you hope would dominate you forever. sometimes a submissive wonders – how can a woman resist??? ahhhh…. unfortunate reality. anyway, thanks! great read and lots of good thoughts.