Therapy (Preview)

A new FemDom novel that will be published quite soon.

Synopsis: Sadie and Ethan have a problem. Ethan is submissive and wants to play sexual games that Sadie thinks is “abnormal”. Sadie insist that Ethan visit a counsellor and both agree to discuss their problems during therapy.
Doctor Jamison suggests a radical plan – a weekend away where Ethan experiences all his fantasies – a taste or reality, Doctor Jamison suggests, may just “cure” Ethan.
Reluctantly, Sadie agrees to go along with the startling therapy!
(24,007 words)


Sadie looked around the waiting room and admired Doctor Jamison’s quiet style. The decor could only be described as subdued but elegant.

There were no other patients in the waiting room. It was one of Doctor Jamison’s trademarks that none of her patients met another patient. Sadie was glad of that as curious eyes would make the experience even more difficult.

Perhaps Doctor Jamison understood that and arranged for her patient times so they were always spread out. This enabled Doctor Jamison to spend a fruitful time with her patient and the patient could relax, knowing they would not meet a waiting client when they left.

Sadie knew the waiting room was the “front” entrance and when she left, she would do so by exiting a different way.

She admired Doctor Jamison’s efficiency.

The door to Doctor Jamison’s suite opened and Deborah Jamison smiled at Sadie.

‘Sadie. Come through.’

‘Thank you, Deborah,’ Sadie said and walked into the elegant room.

Doctor Jamison insisted patients call her by her first name and preferred that they sat in a pair of comfortable sofas when conducting the therapy session.

It was no secret that most of Doctor Jamison’s patients were women who enjoyed the intimate and conversational discussion with Deborah. Most of the women had problems concerning sexual dysfunction.

‘Please sit down.’

‘Thank you.’

Sadie sat down on the sofa that faced the windows, placed her handbag beside her and crossed her legs.

‘As you know, Sadie,’ Deborah said as she sat opposite Sadie, ‘we began with a joint session with both of you.’

Sadie nodded. It had not been a satisfactory session with both her and her husband, Ethan, at the session.

Ethan had been sulky and obviously did not want to be there. Or, so she thought.

Deborah had suggested  separate sessions and selected Ethan for the first individual session. Surprisingly, Ethan did not mind going so Sadie wondered if her husband just hated attending the session with Sadie! That hurt.

Now, it was Sadie’s turn.

Not that there is anything wrong with me, Sadie thought, the problem is with Ethan.

‘Ethan and I had a very fruitful session,’ Deborah said.


‘I think he really opened up although,’ she said with a small smile, ‘it is sometimes a little difficult to tell with men.’

Sadie nodded again.

‘So, he explained what his…his desires were?’

‘Yes,’ Deborah said, ‘we discussed his submissive desires in full.’

‘Oh. I suppose it’s quite weird…’

‘Not at all, Sadie,’ Deborah said with a small smile, ‘it is quite common for one partner to be sexually submissive…’

‘But, it’s usually the woman, right? I mean, women are supposed to be passive and men…’

‘I think that stereotype has long been left behind, Sadie,’ Deborah said gently.

‘I’m afraid,’ Sadie said primly, ‘I have been brought up to think along those lines. Men are supposed to be men while women…’

‘Are supposed to be what, Sadie? Wives, mothers, lovers?’

‘Yes. All of that.’

‘And men are the cavemen, slaying the beasts and putting food on the table?’

‘I think, Deborah,’ Sadie said softly, ‘you’re laughing at me.’

‘Not at all. I take it you are not comfortable with being the dominant sexual partner in your marriage?’

‘I am experimental, Deborah,’ Sadie said, ‘but what Ethan suggested…’

‘Shocked you?’

‘Well, I have heard of this stuff, this kinky business but…’

‘It disturbed you?’


‘But he said you talked about it when you calmed down.’

‘Did he? Well, I suppose I was a little angry at first,’ Sadie murmured.


‘I felt betrayed, a victim of a confidence trick.’

‘How so?’

‘Ethan is a successful business man, quite important in the city and very aggressive in his business dealings. He appears in every way to be the alpha male…’

‘The Alpha male who takes his woman and cares and protects her?’

‘If you insist on putting it that way.’

‘I’m here to help you, Sadie,’ Deborah said mildly. ‘I’m not taking sides.’

‘You do appear to be defending Ethan…’

‘Ethan has done nothing wrong. He has just been honest with you.’

‘And my honest reaction does not count?’

‘Of course it does. Tell me, who suggested the therapy?’

‘Well, I suppose, in a way, I did. I said he should see someone.’

‘His reaction?’

‘Ethan was obviously hurt but didn’t say anything. The next day, he gave me your card, telling me he had made an appointment for us.’

‘And your reaction, Sadie?’ Deborah gently asked.

Sadie shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

‘I was a little…irritated…’

‘Ethan said you became angry.’

‘Did he?’ Sadie snapped. ‘Well, why wouldn’t I?’

‘I don’t understand. You suggested that…’

‘I suggested that he see someone! Not me! He’s the one with the problem that should be fixed so we can get on with our life like normal people!’

‘I see,’ Deborah said. ‘Perhaps this problem is something that you should jointly approach?’


‘As a married couple, try to rectify it together?’

Sadie stared sullenly at the fish tank in the corner of the office.

‘Do you love Ethan, Sadie?’ Deborah asked after a moment of silence.

‘Yes,’ Sadie said softy, ‘I do.’

‘And he loves you,’ Deborah said quickly. ‘In fact, he adores you!’

Sadie turned to look at Deborah.

‘He told you that?’

‘Yes, he did.’

‘I see.’

‘Are you prepared to work with Ethan to help?’

‘Help? You mean, to cure him of this kinky stuff?’

‘If you like,’ Deborah said lightly.

‘Of course I would,’ Sadie said hotly. ‘That’s why I suggested that he come to see you. I mean, not you, specifically, but to see a therapist.’

‘I’m glad, Sadie,’ Deborah said soothingly. ‘I have some radical therapy in mind but it will require your participation and your commitment.’

 ‘I’ll do what has to be done,’ Sadie said firmly.

‘Are you sure? As I said, this is quite radical.’

‘How radical? What happens and how long will it take?’

‘I’ll take the last question first. If all goes well, the therapy will take just one weekend.’

‘A weekend? That’s all?’


‘How could therapy be that fast?’

‘As I said, it’s radical. Do you want to know more?’

‘Of course.’

‘There is a special therapeutic establishment for couples that are learning about and, perhaps, experiencing a BDSM relationship for the first time. Do you know what BDSM…’

‘Ethan explained it,’ Sadie said a little bitterly. ‘He gave me some very weird stuff to read.’

‘Did you?’


‘Read it, Sadie,’ Deborah said with a smile.

‘Most of it,’ Sadie said defensively. ‘Some of it made me feel…well…weird!’

Deborah nodded thoughtfully.

‘Let me tell you what happens at this establishment. The submissive male experiences the full reality of his fantasies with his dominant partner…’

‘I’m not dominant!’

‘No? I thought you were committed to finding a solution…’

‘I am but…’

‘I’m afraid, Sadie, for the weekend you have to be dominant! Don’t worry, you will receive assistance and coaching but it is important that you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the short time available while Ethan experiences the full extent of his fantasies.’

‘I don’t understand…’

‘Your husband, like many submissive males, has many fantasies and has probably masturbated while imagining himself in one of those scenarios.’

Sadie turned her face away and pursed her lips.

‘I know,’ she said bitterly. ‘It seems he would rather wank that make love to me!’

‘That may be the case as he does not find vanilla lovemaking that fulfilling.’


‘Normal,’ Deborah said softly.


Sadie looked away again.

‘The therapy is to give Ethan exactly what he has imagined. I have to warn you, Sadie, that some of the “treatments” will be shocking, cruel, humiliating and painful for Ethan but, you must believe me that is exactly what he wants!’

Sadie recrossed her legs and settled in the chair, her jaw set.

‘I can force myself to watch that. After all it’s only for a weekend…’

‘No, Sadie, it’s more than watch.’

‘More? What…what do you mean?’

‘I’m afraid, for this therapy to work, you must administer the treatments!’

Sadie was plainly shocked and her face went pale.


‘I’m afraid so, Sadie,’ Deborah said gently. ‘Ethan’s fantasises all involve you! He loves you…’

‘You said he adores me,’ Sadie murmured.

Exactly! He wants to adore you! He wants to submit and surrender to you, to sacrifice himself to you!’

Deborah smiled warmly at Sadie and added, ‘do you know that Ethan has never visited a professional dominatrix?’

‘You mean a prostitute…’

‘Sometimes, there is no sex involved, Sadie. ‘Anyway, he hasn’t because he wants you to be his dominant, his Mistress…’

‘Yes, he said all that rubbish.’

‘It’s not rubbish, Sadie. He genuinely believes it so for the treatment to be successful you have to be involved.’

‘Oh. Does that mean I…I have to do kinky things?’

‘I’m afraid so.’

‘What sort of things?’

‘I’m sure you will be shocked and find some of them distasteful.’


‘And you can’t be half-hearted as Ethan will sense that. You have to be totally involved and be very cruel and firm from Saturday morning to Sunday lunchtime. At the end of the weekend, Ethan may find that reality does not match his fantasy. You know that old saying, be careful of what you wish for?’

‘Yes. So, that’s the plan? Show him what reality is like and he decides he doesn’t want this kinky stuff, that he wants to be normal?’

‘And what exactly is “normal”, Sadie?’ Deborah asked using two fingers of each hand to make visual quotation marks.

‘You know what I mean,’ Sadie said crossly. ‘If I do everything he wants for the weekend…’

‘You have to do more than what he wants, Sadie, you have to give him what he needs, what he secretly craves.’

‘What’s the difference?’

‘It will be explained at the couples retreat if you decide to commit.’

‘All right, all right but I want to get this straight. If I do what he needs, he will have got it out of his system and won’t want to do this kinky bollocks again?’

‘That could be the result.’

‘Could be?’

‘There are no guarantees with this, Sadie, none at all. It’s just something we can try.’

‘Has it worked with other couples?’

‘The success rate of this particular therapy is quite high. I have to warn you, it’s not cheap.’


‘In fact, it is quite expensive.’


‘I guess, Sadie,’ Deborah said quietly, ‘you have to decide what you are prepared to pay to save your marriage.’

‘Well, if you put it that way,’ Sadie murmured and Deborah smiled.

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  1. I’m looking forward to it.\
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