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Portrait photography is, I feel, one of the hardest genres to conquer.
The Moscow based freelance photographer Igor Burba creates beautiful portraits.

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  1. Thats very interesting, Carmenica.
    I woud agree about painted or drawn portraits. I often think 18th century portraits look very odd.
    People may have changed, of course but the artists often have the lower jaw rather under-developed and give their subjects very small mouths. Perhaps that is how the subjects wanted to look?
    Turning now to photographic portraits, why do you think it is a difficult art? What aspect of portraiture sorts out the men from the boys, so to speak?
    I am asking because I guess you are referring to professional photographers struggling to create satisfactory images, rather that enthusiastic amateurs ..

    • It is a personal view, of course, but I like photographic portraits that make the person interesting and leaves the viewer wanting to know more about that person.
      It is different with known persons or celebrities as the viewer feels they know that person so those portraits are often easier. The trick with those is to present a side the viewer doesn’t know so we have the many portraits of celebrities doing silly things. That goes back as far as Halsman and having celebs jumping in the air.
      This portrait is simple but expressive. The cropping brings the subject close, fills the view and she appears as interested in us as we are of her.
      Of course, it is all in the viewer’s mind

  2. Actually, concerning this particular portrait, I think there has been some image alteration going on.
    Evidence? The lower third of her face is far too small compared to the upper third and her neck is also too small. This throws her eyes into prominence and the overall look is a bit like the ‘pictures’ of aliens you see on Youtube. Maybe that was the idea?

    • Maybe. Then again, some models have a similar same appearance when not perfectly fitted for the catwalk.
      One of the criticisms of fashion is the models are “not normal” – whatever that means! usually, it means weight and even height. Don’t know how you make people grow taller. If anyone finds out, let me know, please! 🙂

      • And it is a valid one. No one may be average and everyone is “normal” but models we see on catwalks are much thinner then the average Jane Doe.

        I watch many shows and more often then not the designer chooses women who look remarkably similar and then styles them to increase the copy cat look. it’s hand because they don’t have to fit the garment.. they use a standard form and Voila the clothes hand perfectly. And they do love those tall thing females for their styles….

      • Carmenica, you are perfectly formed and in perfect proportion. Evidence: your remarks on the Blog about teaching Yoga and your training in ballet.
        If you really want to be taller, this site will give you a good idea about the state-of-the-art equipment on the market.


        If you were to discuss this with someone like …oh, I dunno … say a physical therapist for example, I think they might say the balance between risk and benefit in your case comes down definitely on the ‘risk’ side!!!

        Warning. High ‘Ewww’ factor.

        • I tihnk we all see the “imperfections” of our own state and dream of “perfection”. The reality is I am very happy in my own skin and have no need to be taller. I joke about it but would not change if the opportunity arose. Just like I would not swap my skin and hair colouring. And, before everyone thinks I am a midget, I am not and am average height. I just work in an industry where there are many women near or over 6 feet in height. That makes us average folk seem short!

          • na… they are tall at 6′ with stretched out bods because it’s flattering to the silhouette. They often look disproportionate… hahaha