Thursday: 6 of 6

Naomi Campbell photographed by Mario Testino.
I know how much you fashionistas adore Naomi!  🙂

7 Notes Thursday: 6 of 6

  1. I’m obviously not a fashionista then! Frankly, I’d rather kiss a Klingon … a male Klingon come to that!


  2. Unfortunately, people who have never met her have a perception of her based entirely on media reports. Perhaps because our early lives have much in common that I understand her.

    She does have a personality and quite a lovely one with a wonderful sense of humour. In spite of a tough upbringing and racism, she has achieved a great deal. Racism? Yes! She never reached the wealth of white models who were not as famous as her or did as much charity work as Naomi.

    The media likes to talk about her actions resulting from relationship breakdowns and addiction but they don’t mention her outstanding and selfless charity work.

    One of the things I like about her is she is tough and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her!

    Read her biography. It’s not as complete as it should be but gives a good picture of a human being that is not perfect. It seems only those in the media are perfect humans. How wonderful for them!

    • Well, I do like her bone structure.(grin)

      Seriously, you are correct. The only thing I really know about her are the publically reported tantrums. Throwing a cell phone at a maid is behavior so outrageous that I never considered what led to it.

      While I accept your comment (and perhaps reminder) that we all have our flaws I am afraid that I will never be able to view her as beautiful simply because I think beauty comes from within.

      Having said that I recognize that my opinion is just that but fortunately I don’t think she will ever hear of it or be burdened by it.