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For the first time in his life, Patrick meets a real dominant woman.
Suddenly, his fantasies are about to come true!
His head spinning after one night, Patrick doesn’t know what to do next when Virginia makes him an astonishing offer! A contract to be her 24/7 slave for one hundred days!

(47, 702 words €9.25)

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3 Excerpts (Preview)

Excerpt 1.

It had taken every small piece of my dismal courage to go to the club that night. I am not by nature a brave man so it took a great deal of determination and internal discussion.
I had never been to a BDSM club before as I was simply not brave enough to publicly acknowledge my secret fantasies.
For many years, I had battled with my submissive desires and, in particular that intense and deep seated desire to submit, to totally surrender to a woman.
That black secret had been with me all my life, my secret shame, my sexual sorrow.
How does a man explain to a woman that loves him that he wishes to be submissive, to be passive and to be totally controlled by a woman?
I have found it to be impossible!
In the main, women are not seeking a man capable of complete surrender.
My ex-wife Elaine had laughed at my confession and I thought I saw her respect for me fade within her eyes. Perhaps that explained the way our marriage ended. I had found her in bed with another man and Elaine had not even appeared embarrassed! Our marriage was over in a second but, perhaps, it died when I had confessed I was submissive.
So, after one failed, bad marriage and another night lonely nursing drinks in a pub, I decided to go to the club!
What did I have left to lose?
I had just celebrated my thirtieth birthday with just my parents! How dismal is that! As my mother cut the childish cake and my father puffed on his pipe, I realised I had never experienced what I had fantasied about all my life.
It was then that I resolved to gather all my courage and to at least try to experience BDSM at least once!
For months, I studied the advertisements to the BDSM club and, once, had even telephoned the club to find out the arrangements and the cost.
‘Entry fee is seventy five pounds for submissive and ninety pounds for dominants. Cash only.’
The woman sounded brisk and efficient but strangely friendly. It seemed so simple.
Seventy-five pounds!
With my meagre salary, it would be a stretch but, with some scrimping during the week, I could just afford it! My ex-wife, Elaine, and I had no children. The marriage collapsed before that occurred, thank goodness no there was no child support!
So, what did I have to lose?
So, why did it take me seven weeks before I marshalled enough courage to go?
Fear, doubt and uncertainly conspired to keep me sitting at the bar.
Always alone.
So, I gulped down my last drink and forced myself to walk to the door before I could take the cowards way out!
This time, I was actually going!

Excerpt 2.

‘I have one under the table,’ I heard Virginia calmly announce.
I was shocked and my faced exploded with the heat of shame when a man with a thick moustache and a leather cap bent down to look under the tale.
‘Yep,’ he said with a laugh. ‘She’s got a sub here.’
Thankfully, he stood up and left me to my humiliation.
‘Is he new?’
‘Very,’ I heard Miss Virginia say.
‘Well, have fun!’
The shoes walked away and I heard Miss Virginia say, ‘You can sit up here, Patrick.’
I scrambled into my seat and dusted my knees off while Miss Virginia looked at me with an amused expression.
‘Was that your first time obeying?’
‘Yes, Miss.’
‘Would you like more?’
I licked my lips nervously and managed to croak, ‘Yes, Miss.’
‘Do you have a car with you?’
I shook my head.
‘I expect an answer! Not shakes and nods!’
‘I didn’t bring my car, Miss.’
‘How did you get here?’
‘The tube, Miss.’
She laughed gaily. ‘I can’t remember the last time I travelled on the underground. Thankfully, I have a car. I think I’m going to test you, Patrick. Do you want me to test you?’
The last remaining sane voice insane my head cried out that I was crazy to leave with a woman who had cheerfully admitted she was a sadist.
However, my cock was hard in my trousers and I was mesmerised by her calm and confident eyes.
‘Yes, Miss,’ I whispered.
‘Good. As this is our first time, I will allow you a safe word. Pick a word, Patrick.’
I said the first thing that popped into my head. ‘August, Miss.’
‘August? That will do, I suppose. Shows a complete lack of creativity but it will serve its purpose.’
She smiled coldly.
‘If you say or whisper that word any time from this moment on, Patrick, our little adventure is over. We will immediately stop what we are doing and you will leave. You will, I hasten to add, never see me again. Do you understand what I am saying, Patrick?’
‘Yes, Miss.’
‘Think carefully before using your safe word.’
Somehow, the fact that Miss Virginia insisted on a safe word for our initial meeting made me feel a little more secure! However, I was still nervous and very much aroused.
My long time dream was actually happening!


Excerpt 3.

Normally, when working the morning shift, I would be home by three in the afternoon and dozing in front of a DVD.
Not on this day!
Nervously, I paced around the front of the café before mustering my courage to go inside.
The café was not full and I tentatively found a table down the back as it was a little before three o’clock.
The waiter approached and I ordered a coffee.
This must be close to her flat! That building must be around here somewhere!
I sipped my coffee and wondered why Miss Virginia wanted to see me.
Her voice popped into my head as I remembered that night.
That wonderful night!
I want to test you again. It’s important. Do you use your left or right hand to wank, Patrick?
Promptly at three, Miss Virginia appeared in the doorway. She looked around the café and I nervously stood so she would see me.
She was dressed in a similar fashion to the clothes she had worn when I first saw her in the club.
This time, she was wearing a dark grey coloured business suit, jacket and skirt, with a rust coloured blouse, sheer black hose and high heels.
As Miss Virginia walked towards me, I marvelled again at her voluptuous figure and the fact she, a woman so classy and sexy, was coming here to meet me!
I saw some of the waiters and male customers watch her as Miss Virginia walked by them and they then glanced at me.
I could tell they all thought I was her brother or a friend as she was clearly out of my league.
I continued to stand as she approached the table and she nodded. As we both sat down, a waiter appeared and Miss Virginia casually ordered coffee.
‘Do you want another one, Patrick?’ Miss Virginia asked.
I shook my head, not willing to say “No, Miss” in front of the curious waiter.
‘How are you, Patrick?’ Miss Virginia asked as the waiter hurried away.
‘I…I’m fine…Miss…’
She laughed softly.
‘No need for that here, Patrick. This is a meeting of friends. Just call me Virginia.’
She studied me for a moment and then quietly asked, ‘Did you enjoy our little scene the other night?’
‘Yes,’ I said truthfully. ‘I did. Very much.’
‘So did I. Tell me about your job.’
‘My…my job? There is not much to tell…’
‘Tell it anyway, Patrick.’
I told her about the call centre, how I had taken the job because of the divorce with my wife and wanting to get away from my hometown.
‘You had been working in the family business?’
‘My uncle’s estate business. I had done quite well and we had discussed me buying in as a partner but…well, the marriage split of our property hurt me financially.’
I was being amazingly honest with her and she seemed to understand.
‘Marriage can be a prison,’ Virginia said quietly. ‘And it sometimes costs a great deal to get out of it.’
I nodded my agreement as the waiter brought her coffee.
‘So you moved to London…,’ Virginia said, ‘…and found the first job you could?’
‘That’s about right.’
‘And you live in a dingy flat that costs a fortune to rent and just live for work?’
I blinked at her casual and yet somewhat accurate summary of my pathetic life.
‘Yes,’ I murmured. ‘That’s it in a nutshell.’
Virginia sipped her coffee.
‘What about you?’ I heard myself asking.
‘Me? It’s rather simple. I am a partner in a rather good law firm.’
‘Partner? You must be very good to be partner at such a young age.’
‘Thank you for the compliment,’ Virginia said breezily. ‘And you are right; I am rather good. I set new records for Honours in Law and related fields at University and the law firms scrambled to get me. I’ve won some high profile cases as well. I progressed very quickly and the firm was petrified someone else would snap me up so they made me partner.’
‘I’m impressed,’ I said sincerely.
‘High profile celebrity women clients queue up for me now and my fees are very wicked. And so…,’ she said smiling over the rim of her cup,’ …I am rather wealthy.’
‘I gathered as much.’
‘Money, of course, is not everything but it certainly helps. I can get what I want when I want it.’
‘That…that must be great,’ I murmured.
‘I am glad you think so.’
She put the cup down.
‘I can’t stay long but I want to sound you out on a proposition.’
‘Yes. I said I could get anything I want?’
I nodded.
‘Well…,’ she said with a small smile, ‘…I want you, Patrick.’
Me?’ I gasped.
‘Yes. For a period yet to be determined, I want you as my live-in servant and slave. We’d have a contract but the scene we both enjoyed last week would continue twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Of course…,’ she said calmly, ‘…I would pay you handsomely for the experience.’
I gaped at her, completely stunned.
‘No need to answer or even discuss it now, Patrick,’ she said, gathering her things. ‘I want you to give the proposition some thought. I will contact you in a few days and if the proposition interests you at all, we will have further discussion.’ She smiled at me. ‘Close your mouth, Patrick. You look rather stunned. Don’t worry about the coffee; I’ll pay on my way out!’
I closed my mouth and watched her at the counter as she paid.
What did she mean?
I tried to get my head around her absurd suggestion.
For a period yet to be determined, I want you as my live-in servant and slave. We’d have a contract but the scene we both enjoyed last week would continue but for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
My head was spinning and I sat quietly, staring out the window, watching Miss Virginia get into her car.
Was she serious?
I had the impression Miss Virginia did not joke about matters such as these!
I would pay you handsomely for the experience.
Of course I wondered how handsomely she would pay and how long the period of servitude would be for.
The waiter appeared at my elbow and slid a cup of coffee onto the table.
‘The lady ordered it,’ he explained. ‘She also paid for all the coffees.’
I nodded and he walked back to the counter.
Sipping the coffee, I stared unseeingly through the window while my mind raced.
It was, of course, an intriguing proposition.
Being her servant for twenty-four hours a day would not be an easy experience. The small scene I had already enjoyed with her testified there was a dark side to the lovely Miss Virginia.
I remembered how she described herself.
Although I enjoy inflicting pain and general discomfort, I think I am more of a mental sadist. It makes for very interesting discussions with my therapist.
A servant to a mental sadist!
Now, that was an intriguing proposition!

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