Sunday: 2 of 6

Bodybuilder Daria Akinshina showing her sculptured body and grace.

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  1. A touch ‘anatomical’ perhaps but very beautiful.
    There is a wonderful programme on BBC Radio4 called ‘From Our Own Correspondent’
    In one episode, the Berlin Correspondent reported a conversation with some people who once lived in communist East Germany. I was surprised to learn that naturism on the north german beaches had been very popular. They said: ‘Of course, now we are in the West, we eat too much. In communist times, people looked much better naked!’ Well: I have never read that in The Communist Manefesto!

    • A touch ‘anatomical’? Surely this would make the first year of med’ school SO much more interesting?


  2. It definitely would, Suburban! I have thought about this for quite a while. What I need is some willing and suitable models. Probably best to set up a website for students to download the images … before we get raided by the Police!