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Mind Games – a New FemDom Story!

Mind Games is not a traditional female domination story. In fact, the FemDom elements do not appear within the tale until deep in the story.
Alex Campbell appears as a very successful business man but, in reality, is almost bankrupt. His survival depends on one deal – a merger of his company with an American powerhouse.
He makes a mistake and finds himself being drawn into a strange web of deceit. Alex also finds he has strange desires.
As the reader slowly moves through the book, pieces of the conspiracy are revealed.

(Female Domination, chastity belt, denial, mind control, bondage, exhibitionism, spanking, betrayal)

(46,600 words  €9.25) To purchase and download, go here.


Preview (3 Excerpts from the Novel)

Excerpt 1.

Alex Campbell walked down the sweeping staircase and put his overnight bag on the floor near the front door.

Carefully, he put his overcoat, scarf, hat and gloves on one of the three straight backed chairs against the wall.

A family portrait of with Alex smiling at the artist and Jemima his wife standing close by, her eyes turned to Alex and full of affection.

How quickly that affection faded once Jemima discovered my affair with Ruth! How could I have been so stupid?

Alex stared at the painting for a moment. Do people ever recover from infidelity?

He took a deep breath, adjusted his tie in the old mirror on the wall and went in search of his wife.

Jemima was his second wife and when she had discovered the affair, she had quickly informed Alex she was leaving and divorce would follow.

Alex had begged her not to leave, to stay as their marriage was important to the huge deal with American Joshua Ballantine.

Scornfully, Jemima had agreed but demand a large weekly allowance and separate bedrooms.

‘We stay together until the deal is done or I decide to go!’

And she had been cold as ice for the following months while the business deal inched forward slowly while Alex slept in the smaller bedroom with the less comfortable bed.

Alex found Jemima sitting in the living room, a magazine in her lap, a glass of red wine at her elbow and staring at the flames of the fireplace.

‘I’m off,’ he announced from the doorway.

She turned her head.

Jemima Campbell was a very beautiful woman and nine years younger than Alex. Her hair, the deepest black hair Alex had ever seen, was exquisitely styled, and she only clothed her supple and voluptuous body in only the very best from international designers.

She was, Alex suddenly realised, a very sexy and seductive woman. It was her smoky brown eyes and haughty but sensual expression that contributed to her overall beauty.

‘You’re flying tonight?’ she asked softly, dark brown eyes fixed on him.

‘Yes. New York.’

‘For how long this time?’

‘Three days. I’ll be back on Tuesday.’

‘You are really doing business in New York over a weekend?’ Jemima raised one eyebrow slightly, an indication she did not believe him but it also demonstrated it wasn’t important if she believed him or not. Not now, not with their new arrangement.

‘The Americans have scheduled meetings to discuss the merger.’

‘Oh. You’ll see Maggie and Joshua?’

Alex nodded.

For moment, Alex wondered if Jemima was going to ask if the invitation had included her. If she did, Alex would have to lie and say it didn’t.

Once they used to travel together all the time. She had been an asset in all the business deals, charming both husbands and wives with ease. Many people still asked after her, even though they hadn’t travelled together for two months.

‘I’ll call you from New York,’ Alex said as he moved back to the door.

‘If you must,’ Jemima said, turning back to the fire.

There was no goodbye kiss.

 Excerpt 2.

‘You him?’ she whispered.

‘Are you Selina?’

She nodded.

 ‘I am…’

‘No names, darlin’. No names, no pack drill, eh? Come in.’

Alex followed her inside and looked around as the woman bolted the door. They were in a cluttered storage room and Selina warily opened the other door and peered around it.

‘Right,’ she said. ‘My dressing room is two doors to the right. Follow me quickly and try to look like you belong here. Can you do that, darlin’, can you look like you belong?’

‘I’ll try,’ Alex said honestly.

Selina jerked the door opened and walked down the corridor and opened another door. Alex followed and was inside the dressing room with a large dressing table, two wardrobes and a large red sofa. Scarves hung over a dressing frame and there were old posters on the wall.

‘That’s better,’ Selina said happily. ‘No one will disturb us now. Fancy a drink?’

‘I suppose…’

‘Might as well, eh?’

As Selina rummaged in a small refrigerator, Alex asked, ‘How will you disguise me?’

‘Don’t worry about that, darlin’. When I’m finished with you, your dear old Mum won’t know you!’ She waved a small bottle of lager at him. ‘You drink beer?’

Alex nodded and she handed him the bottle.

Raising a bottle of cider for herself, Selina said, ‘Cheers.’

Hoping to calm his nervousness a little, Alex drank heavily from the bottle while Selina sipped from hers.

‘Finish it off and we’ll get started,’ Selina said and Alex drank again from the bottle.

She looked him up and down with an appraising eye.

‘Right, get your shoes and socks off. Coat, jumper and shirt as well. Don’t worry, darlin’, I’ve seen it all!’ Selina said with a brittle laugh.

Alex kicked his shoes off and then peeled his socks off before removing his coat.

When he was bare chested, he felt a little self-conscious as Selina grinned at him, pointing at his round stomach.

‘You need to tone up a little, darlin’. Get yourself fit!’

Alex was about to defend his lifestyle but decided it wasn’t worth it.

‘Drop your trousers and your knickers,’ Selina said.

‘Is that necessary?’

‘Course it is! Come on, times a wasting.’

Alex felt a little strange. Suddenly, he was a little woozy and almost light headed. As he fumbled with his trousers, he vaguely knew his coordination was diminishing.

Selina smiled encouragingly.

‘Come on. Let’s see you, darlin’. Let’s see it all!’

Alex managed to pull his trousers down but, suddenly woozy, fell backwards into the plump sofa

Selina chuckled, leaned forward and pulled Alex’s trousers off.

‘What…what’s the matter with me?’ Alex asked thickly, his voice seemingly distant and foggy to his own ears.

‘Nothing to worry about,’ he heard Selina say, sounding as if she was a long way away.

He felt very relaxed and almost sleepy but yet, he was wide awake.

Alex watched Selina push keys on her mobile and say, ‘It’s done.’

Naked, legs splayed open, his cock and balls clearly displayed, Alex slumped in the sofa. He knew he should cover himself, even just close his legs but he couldn’t move easily.

Excerpt 3.

‘I do like to look at you,’ Betty said as she put the tube of ointment on the bedside table. ‘I like having a naked man around and you are a good looking man, Alex,’ Betty said, using his name for the first time. ‘If you didn’t have that thing on your willie, I’d would have fucked you silly by now!’

Alex turned as his cock throbbed, his eyes dropping to her breasts in the white slip, noticing again the prominent nipples pushing against the fabric.

‘You like to look as well, don’t you, Alex?’ Betty said, moving closer to him, one hand on his shoulder while her lips moved closer to his ear.

‘I don’t mind you looking, Alex,’ she whispered, fingers stroking his neck, breath hot against his ear. ‘It’s been a long time since a bloke has looked at this fat old bird like you do.’ She kissed his cheek and Alex trembled at the contact. ‘You’re shivering like a sparrow, love,’ she murmured. ‘You want me so bad and I love that! I really do! I can see it in your eyes and you know something, Alex?’

Alex swallowed and, keeping his eyes averted, mumbled thickly, ‘What?’

‘It makes me wet,’ she whispered, lips moving over his cheek. ‘I’m so very wet.’

Suddenly, she seized his head between her hands and kissed him deeply and possessively.

Alex shuddered with arousal as Betty’s tongue explored his mouth for a fraction of a second before the kiss ended.

She smiled into his eyes, still holding his head between her hands and gently kissed the tip of his nose.

‘You’d fuck me if you could, wouldn’t you?’

‘Oh yes!’ Alex said emphatically and Betty grinned, pleased.

‘Of course you would but you can’t.’

She kissed him again and Alex’s entire body throbbed and trembled with need.

His cock squirmed futilely within the metal tube and, for the moment, the pain of the bruises and welts no longer seemed important.

 Alex moaned when she released him.

‘You better not sit on your bum, Alex,’ she whispered in his ear. ‘Kneel on the floor. I’ll put a pillow down there for you.’

Once the pillow fell on the floor, Alex willingly allowed himself to be guided to his knees so he was facing Betty.

He could no tear his eyes from her voluptuous breasts as they were now tantalisingly directly above him.

Her legs were slightly adrift and the white slip drawn taut over her rounded and meaty thighs.

Betty smiled down at him.

‘Take a good look, Alex,’ she murmured. ‘I don’t mind. Look at these,’ she added, cupping her large breasts with both hands and moving them in the white slip, the forth of lace around them buckling and weaving.

Alex swallowed and stared, transfixed.

‘They’re big. Blokes like big boobies. You like them, don’t you, Alex?’

He couldn’t trust himself to speak and simply nodded. Strange erotic sensations rippled through him. The discomfort from his compressed cock was constant now as was the ache in his balls.

A girlish giggle escaped Betty. Releasing her breasts, she slid her hands, palm down, against her large protruding belly.

‘I’m a bit overweight,’ she confessed in a throaty voice. ‘But I don’t think you care, do you?’

Mind Games (46,600 words  €9.25) To purchase and download, go here.

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