Betrayed (Preview)

Leon’s wife, Madge is obscenely wealthy and very jealous. Their relationship has faltered badly and Leon flirts with his assistant but Madge with the help of her gay pal friend, Joshua, unveils an elaborate scheme of revenge involving mind control.
Mainly F/m, this has elements of extreme FemDom involving modification, humiliation and some M/m.
(37,146 words)


Chapter 1: Falling

‘Leon,’ my secretary called, ‘your wife is on line one.’

‘Tell her I’ll call her back, Janice.’

‘I can’t do that, Leon,’ Janice said with her hand over the mouthpiece. ‘She owns the business!’

‘But I run it!’ I said with a scowl and snatched the phone from Janice’s hand.

‘Yes, dear?’ I said after taking a small breath.

‘Tell your secretary to put her hand more firmly over the mouthpiece in future, darling,’ Madge said icily. ‘I heard you trying to fob me off.’

‘I…I wasn’t trying to fob you off, darling,’ I stammered. ‘I really wasn’t…’

‘I’m sure I believe you,’ Madge said coldly, making it clear she did not believe me at all.

‘Please believe me, darling,’ I murmured, conscious Janice was listening.

Madge didn’t say whether she believed me or not. Why would she? She had probably heard everything and I wondered if Janice had not pressed her hand down firmly on the telephone mouthpiece on purpose.

A woman scorned!

‘I just called to make sure,’ Madge said, ‘you will be here at six!’

Six? I have a meeting…’

‘Cancel it! We have guests for dinner. Everyone will be here at seven and I want to make sure you are suitably attired.’

‘Dinner party?’ I said miserably, shooting a glance at Janice. ‘Who’s coming?’

‘Fiona and Martin, Sally and Jacob, Wynona and Graham, Joshua, of course, and a special guest from Germany. Doctor Enrich Stemmer.’

‘Who is he?’

‘Someone we may be able to do business with. Make sure you are here at six!’

Madge hung up and I stared at the phone for a minute before replacing the receiver in the cradle.

‘I’ll have to cancel our dinner tonight,’ I said softly to Janice.

She bit her lip and said sadly, ‘I heard.’

‘I have to go home…’

‘Of course you do,’ Janice snapped, her eyes cold, ‘you have to go home to your wife!’

‘Janice,’ I said in what I hoped was a conciliatory, even soothing voice, ‘it’s only for a little while longer…’

‘Is it, Leon?’ Janice demanded, eyes glistening. ‘I am becoming a little tired of being the “other woman”! No, wait,’ she said with a harsh laugh, ‘I can’t be the other woman, can I? We haven’t slept together yet! We’ve had no sex at all so, I suppose, that makes us friends!’

Janice was right. Every time I planned the moment of seduction, Madge stepped in with some business meeting or social occasion. Those changes forced me to postpone the sexual consummation my relationship with Janice.

My cock was hard every moment I was around Janice, knowing she was available, that she thought she loved me and would happily go to the bed with me.

If only I could find the time and place…

‘We’ve talked about…the problems we have getting together…and of course the….’

‘I know, I know. When you have assets in your name, you’ll finally move out from the mansion. Tell me, Leon, how many assets has your wife transferred into your name?’

‘That’s not important…’

‘I’m afraid it’s very bloody important! I’ll tell you, Leon! None! She’s transferred none and I doubt she ever will!’

‘You don’t know that!’

‘She doesn’t trust you, Leon and I can bloody see why she doesn’t!’

Janice slammed the door behind her and I sank back into my chair.

Another evening ruined by interference from Madge.


‘Good evening, sir.’

Daniels tipped his cap as I walked to the car like a man going to his execution.

‘Evening, Daniels. My wife sent you to pick me up? What about my car?’

‘It’s been driven home, sir,’ Daniels said respectfully but I suspected there was amusement in his eyes.

‘She wants to make sure I’m home, eh?’

‘You could say that, sir,’ Daniels said gently, holding the rear passenger door open.

With a sad sigh, I sat in the back seat and Daniels closed the door to the limousine.

As we drove homeward, I remembered when Madge and I had been in love and happy. It had been a fleeting moment in the early months of our marriage.

My wife was incredibly wealthy and, as I discovered, very jealous. In fact, Madge was almost insanely jealous!

Her unreasonable jealousy drove me bonkers and, perhaps, because of that very same unreasonable jealousy, I began to dream of leaving her.

I even planned to cheat on my wife but, somehow, I never found the time or the place.

Then, after working with me for just a month, my new buxom secretary, Janice declared her undying love for me.

We met secretly and talked of our future together, of our dreams but our relationship never progressed further than furtive kissing and a little fondling!

Even though I desperately wanted to, I was not fucking Janice or any other woman!

And, to make my frustration worse, I was not fucking my own wife!

At first, I suspected that Joshua was fucking my wife. He was always hanging around and turning up in the most inconvenient moments but I could not find any proof

Then, I figured it out. Joshua was short and almost feminine with long blonde hair! It was obvious, in my mind, Joshua was more likely to be gay! He was, after all, an artist!

I, on the other hand, was average height but dark haired and ruggedly handsome! Women were attracted to me and I spent a lot of time working out so I was always fit and tasty to the opposite sex!

Madge was also a very attractive woman and we should have been bonking like rabbits!

We did fuck like crazy during the honeymoon but Madge’s irrational jealousy and complete mistrust drove us further and further apart!

If it wasn’t for her money, I would have divorced her ages ago!

The car paused for the large gates to silently swing inward.

As usual, the mansion was lit up like a Christmas tree with lights on in all the rooms.

We had a few servants but, quite frankly, the mansion – Gladstone Towers – was rather large.

The benefit was, as we rattled around the vast rooms, Madge and I could avoid each other for most of the times. We even had separate bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms so we really only saw each other at meals.

And, of course, on those occasions when Madge entertained and wanted me to play the part of the dutiful husband.

Madge was waiting for me in the foyer, resplendent in an aquamarine coloured sweeping cocktail dress.

It was apparent that she had her hair done and, as usual on formal occasions, diamonds glittered around her throat, on her ear lobes and around her wrists.

‘You look nice,’ I said in an effort to be conciliatory.

‘As if you care,’ she said a little bitterly. ‘Rupert has laid out your dinner suit. It’s been pressed. There is a new formal shirt for you as well. The other was becoming tacky. Use the diamond studs. Rupert will put them in so you don’t crease the shirt.’

‘I am capable of getting dressed, Madge!’

‘Of course you are, but I prefer for you to look like you actually want to be at the dinner and have made an effort!’

She turned and walked away, holding the gown a few inches from the floor.

Gritting my teeth, I walked up the sweeping, curved staircase. The staircase balustrade was polished walnut and the rods that held the expensive carpet runner in place were polished brass.

Portraits of Madge’s family hung on the wall next to the staircase so anyone travelling upstairs was forced to look at the scowling expression of Madge’s ancestors.

The house was old and filled with memories for Madge so she resisted any suggestion to sell it!

I walked to my suite and found Rupert standing by the bed.

‘Good evening, sir.’

‘Hello, Rupert. Look, old man, I can get dressed myself…’

‘I’m afraid Madam was quite clear, sir,’ Rupert said and almost managed to look sad. ‘I’ll wait here while you bathe. There is fresh underwear in the bathroom and Madam has supplied some new soap.’

I rolled my eyes but bit my tongue.

New soap! She wants me to smell like a whorehouse, just like that little poof Joshua does!

‘I guess,’ I said a littler bitterly, ‘I’ll just go and have my shower.’

‘Very good, sir,’ Rupert said and I dropped my coat and tie on the floor so Rupert would have to pick them up.

It was a childish attempt at lashing out at the way I was living but Rupert did not blink an eye or even raise an eyebrow.

As usual, his face was expressionless but we both knew he hated me.

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