Sardax is probably the most established of contemporary artists in the FemDom art genre with a worldwide collector base and just love his work. His website is worth visiting.

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4 Notes Sardax

  1. His work is superb and I have been a Sardax fan for a long time.

  2. Victoria had just returned from her ride and, feeling a little randy, thought it might be fun to tease and torment hubby bound and available for her amusement. After all, he did refuse to be her pony.

    She fondled the iron cage that bound him to the ceiling chain, feeling its strength, its permanence, knowing until she relented he must stay where he was. The entire picture brought warmth to her loins.

    She reached down and teasingly stroked his penis bringing him to full erection, then cruelly smiled and grabbing his balls reduced his penis back down to its flaccid state. It was a cute little game she liked to play.

    She amused herself for a while in this manner then wondered where she left her strap-on.