Christmas Time – 2013 Christmas Book.

It’s that time of the year again and time for my Christmas story.

What happens if you invent the perfect chastity belt with a built in timer?
The invulnerable belt that cannot be removed before the time and date recorded in the timer opens the belt?
Nothing could go wrong with that, could it?

A light hearted chastity belt seasonal story.

(15,000 words €7.25)

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Cherry was reading in the sitting room, a glass of wine on the coffee table and music playing softly in the background when I burst in.

‘I’ve done it!’ I proudly proclaimed, waving the silver object in my hand around in an airy but emphatic circle.

‘Done what, darling?’ Cherry asked with a bemused expression.

‘I’ve invented the perfect male chastity belt!’

She smiled broadly at my enthusiasm but was clearly puzzled.

‘A what?’

‘A male chastity belt!’

‘It seems a strange thing to spend the last two weeks on.’

‘It’s not strange. You know, Cherry…,’ I pointed out to my wife; ‘…we’ve discussed this before.’

‘I wouldn’t say discussed, darling,’ Cherry chuckled. ‘You went on about chastity a few times.’

‘I thought we discussed it?’ I said, slightly wounded.

Cherry immediately soothed, ‘I’m sure you did. You tried to explain the entire tease and retrial thing…’

‘Retrial? No, darling, denial! Tease and denial!’

‘It sounded like retrial,’ Cherry sniffed. ‘I must admit I wasn’t listening that closely. You do become very technical.’

I sighed. Cherry was, in many ways, a walking example of the “dumb blonde” so favoured in farces and jokes. She was curvy, beautiful and, in many cases, naïve.

When we first met, it was an explosion of lust and desire on both our parts. Just looking at her, in the beginning, made me aroused! So curvy, so smooth, so sexy and a natural blonde!

And she was sweet, kind and genuine, as well.

We married quickly and spent our honeymoon in bed and I knew I had the unspoken envy of my friends who ogled Cherry when they thought I wasn’t looking.

Cherry moved into my house, added little touches everywhere and it was obvious a woman now lived in the sprawling house my grandmother had left me.

She changed the house in so many large and little ways but left my office and workshop in the renovated basement alone.

She was warm, affectionate, sexy and just a little silly at times. I wouldn’t say dumb, but I knew that some of my female friends called her the “dumb blonde that Jack married” when they thought I couldn’t hear.

I am a designer for a well-known mobile telephone and electronics company and, like many such designers around the globe, we all worked from our homes and communicated via video conferencing.

We had been married just nine months and I loved her but wanted just a little bit more kinkiness in our lives.

‘I’ve invented the perfect chastity belt,’ I said, deciding to leave the subject of tease and denial alone for a moment or two. ‘It’s truly perfect!’

‘You are such an inventive man, darling,’ Cherry said, returning to her magazine. ‘No wonder your employer allows you so much on their time.’

‘They don’t! I did this on my own time,’ I said.

‘I suppose you have been coming to bed very late at night,’ Cherry pointed out with a sad smile.

‘When I’m on a project, time becomes meaningless.’

‘And the project was this thing?’ Cherry said, waving a slightly dismissive hand at the silver chastity belt. It wasn’t the typical chastity tube but almost a pair of silver pants!

‘No, wait! This is the perfect chastity belt. Once on, this thing will not be coming off until the timer says so.’

‘If you say so, darling…’

‘Don’t you want to look, darling?’ I asked. ‘I’ve been working on it for weeks now…’

‘So you really were working on this thingy?’

‘Of course. I just told you…’

‘I thought you were up to mischief.’

‘Mischief? What sort of mischief?’

‘Oh, boy stuff. Watching porn, drinking beer, scratching yourself…’

I flushed at that as before our marriage, I had been almost addicted to Internet porn. Especially the female domination variety.

‘It wasn’t like that! You can go down there, you know, and look for yourself.’

‘Go down into the cellar? Where spiders and things are? No, thank you!’

‘There are no spiders down there! I have to keep an almost sterile environment…Oh, you wouldn’t understand! Look, I have been working in my workshop!’

‘On that thing?’

‘Yes! This will make a lot of money.’

Cherry giggled at that.

‘Make money? How? What man will pay to have his thingy locked away?’

‘Don’t you listen to anything I say?’ I sighed.

‘Of course I do, darling. I hang on every word,’ Cherry said quickly. ‘I don’t understand it all, though.’

‘Male chastity belts have become a bit of a thing…’

‘Thing?’ Cherry said, a small frown on her pretty face.

‘Yes. A sort of marital aid…’

‘What, like a vacuum cleaner?’

‘No, no! That’s an appliance!’

‘I thought that’s what you meant?’ Cherry sniffed.

‘A marital aid. Like…a sex toy!’

‘A sex toy?’ The frown reappeared on Cherry’s face.


‘Like…a vibrator?’

‘Yes! That’s it…’

‘Single women have vibrators, not married women,’ Cherry said with such finality it brought me to a standstill for a moment.

‘S…single women?’

‘Yes, darling. I used to have one when I was single,’ Cherry said with a beautifully innocent smile.

‘You had a…’

‘Of course. As I said…,’ Cherry said patiently, ‘…single women have them. You know what for,’ she added a little primly.

‘Yes…of course…I know but…you had a vibrator…’

‘I already said that.’

‘’…but now you…you don’t?’

‘Of course not!’ Cherry said a little scornfully. ‘I’m married. Why do I need a vibrator when I have a husband,’ she said coyly, her cheeks pink.

‘Oh…I see…’

‘Like, you are married now. You have me so you don’t have to…you know…’

‘Don’t have to do…what?’

‘You know…’

‘I’m not sure…’

‘Play with your willie,’ she rushed.

‘Oh. You mean wank?’

‘I wish you wouldn’t use that term, darling. It is a little crude.’

‘It’s just a word, darling…’

‘But a crude one!’

‘So, you prefer me to use masturbate?’ I laughed.

‘If we must discuss it, yes, I prefer that! Now, you don’t do that anymore, do you?’

‘What?’ I hedged.

‘You know very well! Masturbate!’

‘Of course not,’ I lied. Quickly, I moved to divert her attention. ‘What did you do with your vibrator?’

‘I threw it in the garbage.’

‘In the garbage?’

‘Yes. Now, are you going to explain that thing?’

‘I’ve already told you, it’s a chastity belt.’

‘Yes, but what does that mean?’

I looked into her big blue eyes and wondered if Cherry was as innocent or as stupid as she sometimes appeared.

‘It means that once a man is wearing this and it’s locked on…’

‘How is it locked? With a big thing you buy in the shops? The thingy you put on gates and such?’

‘A padlock?’

‘If that’s what it is called…’

‘That’s what everyone calls them, darling.’ She frowned at me so I hurried on. ‘No padlock required, darling. It’s all electronic with micro-batteries inside.’

‘Couldn’t the man just press the open button?’

‘There isn’t an open button,’ I said excitedly. ‘That’s the beauty of the thing.’

‘I’m confused. And this is boring,’ Cherry said, picking up her magazine.

‘It’s not boring,’ I protested. ‘Let me show you, okay?’

‘Oh, all right,’ Cherry said with a sigh, putting the magazine down on the sofa next to her and placing her hands in her lap.

She was wearing her negligee and I loved the way her large breasts, clearly unfettered in any way, swayed gently in the almost transparent cloth.

‘The bloke steps into this…’

‘You mean you wear it like underwear?’

‘Exactly! The timer is on the side here, hidden under this flap.’

‘Hmmm,’ Cherry said, clearly making noises to indicate some interest when I knew she was bored.

‘When the timer is set, the flap closes and doesn’t pop up until the belt opens.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘The timer is set and the belt stays on until the time and date is set!’

‘Sounds complicated, darling.’

‘No, it’s simple. You put the time and date in the timer and press the set button. The belt seals shut, the timer cover closes and this belt will not come off until the timer reaches the specified time and date.’

‘It’s a little silly, isn’t it?’

‘No. It’s all part of tease and denial! Once this is on, the man cannot touch his cock…’

‘Another crude word, darling,’ Cherry said with a frown.

‘Sorry. His penis then. He can’t even touch his penis which is kept soft because there is no room for it to…you know…’

‘Get a stiffy?’ Cherry said innocently.

‘Yes! That’s it. So, no…’


‘I was going to say orgasm but you are right.’

‘So his willie is out of bounds until the timer says so?’


‘But…what about washing? And other stuff?’

‘There is a slot here where the water is forced in. You can use one of those portable shower heads or even a hose. The urine…’


‘…the urine…,’ I repeated, ‘…flows through this grill here. It needs washing afterwards, of course.’’

‘Yes, but what…what about number twos?’ Cherry asked.

‘Oh. There is a hole here, you see,’ I said, proudly showing Cherry the hole that would align with the wearer’s rear passage. ‘I’ve thought of everything.’

‘It seems you have,’ Cherry said and I watched her move to pick up the magazine.

‘Maybe we should trial it?’ I rushed.

The hand moving towards the magazine slowed.

‘Trial…you mean, wear it?’

‘Why not? I…I mean I spent all that time making it…’

‘Yes, you did,’ Cherry said rather coldly.

I ignored her cool attitude and blundered on, ‘I have to see if it works properly…’

‘Oh yes, especially if you are going to make a lot of money with it!’ Cherry said sarcastically.

‘You’ll have to help me,’ I mumbled.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I can’t set the timer. It’s positioned so another person has to set the timer. That’s why there’s a cover that even stops the wearer looking down at the timer.’

‘Then how is a man going to put it on?’

‘It…it’s meant for someone else to set the timer,’ I said, flushing.

‘Oh. Like one of those female warriors you talk about?’

Dominatrix! Yes, one of them. Anyway, you’ll have to set the timer. I’ll get undressed upstairs and…’

‘Upstairs? Why? We are married, darling,’ Cherry said with a faint smile which disappeared quickly. ‘Although I haven’t felt married these past weeks when you’ve been down fiddling with your toy.’

‘It’s not a toy, darling!’ I said, exasperated. ‘It works!’

‘If you know it works, there is no need to test it, is there?’ Cherry said with irrefutable feminine logic.

‘I have to do a trial run,’ I explained. ‘I’ll put it on here, shall I?’

‘Why not?’ Cherry said and she picked up the magazine as I quickly stripped off my clothes.

Naked, I slipped the metal chastity device on. It wasn’t the first time I had worn it and knew it would be a perfect fit. However, this would be the first time the timer would be set by another person.

‘There,’ I said.

Cherry looked up and laughed. ‘My god! That looks silly! Silver underpants!’

‘It’s not silly,’ I said crossly.

‘You have to see it from my side,’ Cherry chuckled.

‘Will you set the timer?’ I snapped.

‘No need to be sulky, darling. I can’t help what I find to be funny. Now, how do I do this?’ Cherry asked as I moved closer.

She peered at the timer.

‘What do I do?’

‘You press the time and the date. It’s a twenty four hour clock…’

‘I know how those work, darling. I’m not a dunce.’

‘I know, I know. Sorry.’

‘So what date do you want me to put in?’

‘Well, how about Christmas Eve?’

‘A week?’

‘Why not?’ I said gaily. ‘Why not try for a week?’

‘Are you sure? That’s a week without sex for both of us,’ she said meaningfully.

‘It’s just an experiment, darling. So let’s make it for seven o’clock the evening of the twenty fourth of December.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes. Go ahead.’

I couldn’t see the timer control panel and I smiled at the look of concentration of Cherry’s face.

‘Do you need help?’

Shh! Don’t interrupt me! I’m concentrating!’

‘When you’ve finished, pressed the red button.’

Cherry frowned again and she pressed something. Immediately, I saw the control panel cover flatten and heard the clicks.

‘Oh, my!’ Cherry said, fingers to her mouth, her face clearly showing shock.

‘It’s meant to do that, darling…’

‘No! I…I think I made a mistake?’

‘Mistake?’ I asked, heart pounding. ‘What sort of mistake?’

‘You confused me!’ she wailed, standing up.

‘Confused you? What did…’

‘I made a mistake! That’s all! You were talking…’

What mistake, darling?’ I demanded fiercly.

‘I put in seven o’clock okay and the twenty fourth of December…’

‘That’s exactly what you should have put in, darling,’ I said, a little relieved.

‘No! Then, I made a mistake. I was thinking about our wedding anniversary…’

‘What are you saying?’

‘I put in next year! Not this year but next year!’

My heart went cold.


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