Strap-On Saturday: 3 of 6

That’s a gymnastic horse, isn’t it?
God, I’ve just flashed back to boarding school with a butch gym teacher,
awful uniforms and humiliation! The English education system has some
strange and almost fetish-like rituals.

I lasted less than two months at the school before I ran away.

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  1. Ran away after two months eh? Hmmm, looks as if you were always a ‘free thinker’!

    • The English boarding school was not for me. It was, for me at that time a very strange place! I hated it and, added to that fact my English was not, in the eyes of the other girls, perfect, it was horrible!

  2. I can remember receiving the cane and the slipper whilst at school, I’m sure I would have felt better about it if a busty brunette in thigh high boots had administered the punishment!

  3. You’ve just had a flash back? I’ve just had a flash back to the last time I was taken, kneeling on all fours on the rubber mat in the back bedroom.

    In the image shown I can’t tell whether he is actually producing that ’emission’ … or whether it’s just an excess of the lube madame has applied [Can you ever have TOO much lube in such circumstances?]

    Either way I recognise and empathise with the scenario in which the submissive finds himself … face down with ‘pussy’ being humiliatingly and deliciousy violated … with semi-erect penis spurting helplessly onto the floor below. I can’t think of another way I’d rather come!

    As for the horse, I doubt it’s ever seen the inside of a gym’ … never mind had people vault over it. I don’t think it’s that kind of horse and given its location, I think this was always its intended purpose!


    • Mmm, I’ve often wondered about this. Does a semi-erect penis and its helpless spurting confirm the receivers enjoyment? Maybe its involuntary, but I’ve often thought that ejaculation was an admission of that? I find anal penetration so humiliating, yet every female I think knows we secretly want it, but we’re afraid to admit it!