Sunday: 3 of 6

Bridget Hall photographed by Herb Ritts for the 1999 Pirelli Calendar.

4 Notes Sunday: 3 of 6

  1. Attractive woman with long thin arms and legs but does this really help when you select tires for your automobile?

  2. She could do with a little more flesh on her bones. By far not the most attractive woman on Pirelli calendars. I have seen a lot better in those calendars.

    • Yes, I don’t doubt what you say. It leaves unanswered however my question. Did any of the women, thin or better figured help in your tire purchase decision?

      • I think that many of the females appearing in those calendars were pneumatic – T quote an expression appearing in “A brave new world” ? – but they did not influence my purchase. Unless I subconsciously wished to have nice ride…