A Woman Scorned (Preview)

Wrote A Woman Scorned in 2007 and it has a certain popularity amongst those readers that enjoy a little mind control with their female domination fiction!
If I recall correctly, I had fun writing it.

Here is a small part of the story after George has dumped Eva in a crowded restaurant. Unfortunately for George, after the break up, Eva wants revenge!
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


I woke with a splitting headache and the wine bottle empty.
‘Fuck,’ I mumbled, ‘I fell asleep with my clothes on!’
I stumbled to the shower and let the water run over me for quite a while until I cleared my head.
Standing naked in the bathroom, I looked down at my cock. Suddenly, I began to feel aroused and my cock began to stiffen until it was rigid.
Walking into the bedroom, I looked at the bedside clock.
I have time for a wank!
I fell back onto the bed, put my hand around my cock, closed my eyes and began pumping.
A picture of Eva in a short skirt entered my mind and I felt my balls churn with an approaching orgasm.
I neared the point of no return but, strangely, just could not tip over and come! Again and again I tried until I was sweating but I could not come!
My cock was semi hard when I dressed and I fought the urge to start pumping it again. It felt good but for some reason I just could not come.
Maybe I should see a doctor?
As I drove to the labs, I kept thinking about how sexy Eva was, seeing her in my minds eye in all sorts of sexy poses that made my cock stiffen again.
Every time I shifted in the seat and adjusted my trousers around my rigid cock, I wished I could have come!
When I masturbate, I normally have no trouble coming but, for some weird reason, not today.
It’ll pass, I told myself, I’m just stressed or something or I drank too much. It’ll pass.
I tried to concentrate on my work but images of Eva kept dominating my thoughts, even though I hadn’t seen her at the laboratory. I tried to fight off from getting aroused.

My cock stiffened in my trousers, an obvious erection, so after adjusting my clothes to hide it, I walked quickly to the male bathroom.
Seated in a cubicle, trousers around my ankles, I hurriedly jerked my stiff cock to imagined images of Eva until I felt my orgasm approaching.
At last! My breathing grew faster and faster and I felt that familiar and pleasant build-up to my ejaculation!
Taking a wad of toilet paper in my left hand to spurt into, I pumped my cock with my right hand, teetering on the edge of an ejaculation.
I didn’t come and I sat panting on the toilet, looking down at my now red cock as it stood rigid and pulsing.
I can’t come!
Again and again I tried, furiously pumping my cock and each time, just as I felt myself on the verge of orgasm, the feeling stopped and I was left panting and frustrated!
My cock was now aching and red but it was also still rigid and pulsating.
I crept from the cubicle and, at the sink, splashed cold water on my cock, now rubbed raw, to deflate it somewhat before tucking it back into my trousers.
I’m so fucking horny! But I can’t come!
What’s wrong with me?

It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I saw Eva.
I had been fighting the arousal that threatened to overpower me at any moment and managed to control myself.
Eva swept up behind me, her perfume assaulting my nostrils and I almost groaned when I saw she wore a short skirt and black stockings under her white lab coat.
‘Hi there,’ she purred into my ear, ‘did you miss me?’
My throat was dry as were my lips and I tried to muster words.
‘Cat got your tongue?’ Eva giggled.
‘Eva,’ I said huskily, ‘I…’
She smiled slyly and leaned very close.
‘I’d bet you’d just love to wank now, wouldn’t you?’
Startled, I looked at her as realisation dawned on me.
‘You!’ I said thickly. ‘You did this to me!’
‘Did what, George?’ Eva asked innocently but her eyes were sparkling.
‘You…you know!’
Eva leaned even closer and whispered in my ear, her breath tickling me and causing my restless cock to swell.
‘Have you been wanking, George? We both know how you just love to wank!’
She stepped away and smiled cruelly.
‘Come around to my place at seven. I just may explain!’
I watched her arse swing from side to side as she walked, those long legs in glistening nylon driving me nuts with desire.
She stopped at the doorway, then turned and smiled again.
‘Did you have a good look, Georgie? Did you get a good look at what you decided wasn’t worth staying with me any more?’
The smile vanished.
‘Be on time tonight, George!’
I managed to get home and immediately stripped off and seized my rigid cock in my right hand.
It felt so nice to be able to stroke it and I lay on the bed, enjoying each sensation as the orgasm beckoned.
But that’s all that happened!
Each time I came close, the orgasm hovered just out of reach and then vanished, leaving me panting and with my hard and red cock in my hand.
It was incredibly frustrating.
‘That fucking bitch!’
Cursing, I leapt from the bed and began to pace, my still erect cock bobbing obscenely in front of me.
Somehow, she has done this to me. I don’t know how but she has! She’s taken my ability to come!
Dejectedly, I sunk back onto the bed as I realised it was worse than just being able to come!

I was also constantly aroused and when I did wank, even though I couldn’t orgasm, it felt wonderful!
It took all of my self-control not to begin wanking again!
Somehow, Eva is controlling my orgasms, but how? You’re a research scientist; work it out!
I began pacing again,, my mind racing through possibilities when the realisation hit hard!
‘The fucking wine!’ I almost screamed. ‘She put something in my wine!’
I drank the wine and then what happened?
My pacing accelerated and I circumnavigated the room, my cock still semi-erect.
‘She telephoned me!’
Of course!
The wine must have contained some mind-numbing agent that allowed her to plant control words and actions in my subconscious!

What a fucking bitch!
What am I going to do?
Desolately, I stopped pacing and tried to think while my semi hard cock tantalised me with the idea of wanking!

No, think about the problem, not your bloody cock!
Deciding to take a very cold shower, I walked into the bathroom and knew I had to get to Eva’s flat on time!

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2 Notes A Woman Scorned (Preview)

  1. Good to read this again. Remember when I first began reading your work – thought you were the best! You were good then but now, you are great! Its been interesting watching your work evolve.
    This one was fun!

  2. Read this as well tonight (See Wynona) again, a good book, not (to my mind) quite as strong as Wynona, but a fun mind control plot with good characters.