Interview with FemDom Artist Nequissimus

As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work,  please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where  you live, how did you decide on your name and what does it mean?

I was born in a small town of 7000 inhabitants in Western Finland. I lived¬† there for 20 years, then I moved to Eastern Finland to study and cultivate¬† myself. I enjoyed student life and finally after some extra studies¬† completed a Master’s Degree in social sciences. After my graduation I lived¬† a couple of months in Russia. Now I live in Helsinki, which is the capital¬† of Finland.¬†
I picked my name from a book which told about insults. Nequissimus means¬† “most or very worthless”, it is Latin and it was used by ancient Romans.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal  training?
I don’t have any training but drawing has been my hobby since childhood.¬†
During last years I’ve been more creative and hard-working than ever¬† before. Maybe five years ago I started to make paintings, I also drew my¬† first comics at about the same time. I think that I don’t have any special¬† talent, but through practice it has been possible to develop my skills to¬† at least decent level.
In my previous job I had the opportunity to make some illustrations. Which  was nice.

What is your creative process? That is, step by step through the  creation of a picture. (Do you draw/paint/ink by hand or use technology  such as tablets etc).

I draw my pictures by hand. First I usually draw the sketch with pencil and¬† then I make the final version with marker pen. Sometimes I copy certain¬† poses, bodies or faces for the rough sketch from photographs or drawings¬† made by other artists. Sometimes I just draw without any models. Sometimes¬† I look at myself to get the anatomy right, or at least close to right. When¬† I created my first femdom drawings I didn’t care about anatomy, but now I¬† do. With few pictures I’ve used photographs as background. On those cases¬† I’ve searched a photo, turned it black-and-white, adjusted brightness and¬† contrast or used filter and then added my drawings to the picture.

There is a simplicity to your work which, balanced by the intense  female domination and humiliation  elements, makes the work leap out at the viewer. Where  do you get  inspiration from?

I think it can be easier to identify with characters that are drawn simply.
And it’s maybe easier to identify with drawn characters than with real¬† characters. However with hentai it’s different story for me. Personally I¬† don’t like hentai, probably because I don’t identify with hentai characters¬† at all, they look somehow too alien to me…
I’ve thought of making also erotic, not so straightforward femdom pictures.¬† I’ve painted two paintings on the subject but I think I failed with¬† them.
 Painting #1   Painting # 2
Kuolemanvietti was in fact a commission. A fellow who was¬† interested in Freud, wanted paintings about life instinct and death¬† instinct. According to Freud death instinct is connected to masochism. Thus¬† it was clear that there will be some masochism in the painting. When the¬† fellow saw my painting he thought it was too disturbing and distressing,¬† though it’s very soft on my opinion. It seems that sadomasochism isn’t¬† everyone’s cup of tea…

What led you to the femdom part of your work? Again, where does  the inspiration for those scenes come from?

I think I started to draw these pictures because it turned me on. Fantasies¬† became maybe a bit more real that way – though I don’t want that all my¬† fantasies would realize in reality, public humiliation scenes wouldn’t work¬† in real life. My own fantasies are the biggest source of inspiration for¬† me. I have had femdom fantasies since my childhood, since the birth of my¬† sexuality. Also other femdom artists and porn inspire me and bring new¬† elements to my fantasies.

Who are the other artists that inspire you or you simply admire?

In the femdom scene I like for example works of Sardax, Jean Herve Vane  (Vaneggio) and Eric Stanton. Clear influences from them can be seen in my  drawings.
If we talk about art in general, surrealism is my favourite¬† genre. Salvador Dal√≠ and Ren√© Magritte are my favourites from the genre’s¬† big names. But famous artists are only a part of the genre, there is also a¬† lot of unknown excellent artists. It’s possible to find some of them by¬† browsing art pages like Deviantart.
From Finnish artists I’d like to mention Kalervo Palsa, who was an¬† eccentric artist of the north. His works are bleak, sexual, humoristic and¬† sacrilegious.¬†¬† Kalervo Palsa’s artworks
 Together with modern art I admire old classics and art which was created  before modernity. The artists of past times have usually great technique  and skills but themes in their works can be rather boring. Hieronymus Bosch  is one artist whose works are not boring.

Are there other creative people you admire who are not in the art  world? That is, film, music, literature?

I like to read philosophical books, fictive and non-fictive, from Plato to¬† Albert Camus. I read heavy prose like Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s writings but I¬† also enjoy humoristic and entertaining books. I read also scientific books¬† and essays and everything that seems interesting.
Lately I’ve been reading¬† especially Russian literature because I try to improve my Russian language¬† skills. And of course I have to mention that I have Leopold von¬† Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs on my bookshelf. Unfortunately femdom is¬† almost non-existent theme in literature.
I like to listen to melancholic music, psychedelic music and music that¬† rocks. Mainly I listen to different subgenres of rock, electronic music,¬† metal and pop. I have so much favourites that I think I’m not going to list¬† them here. When I was a bit younger and my music taste was more limited my¬† big favourite was Mot√∂rhead. It’s still good and Lemmy (band’s singer &¬† bass player) is the embodiment of rock’n’roll.
I watch movies seldom but I have to mention that I like Aki Kaurim√§ki’s¬† films and my favourite actor is Matti Pellonp√§√§ who often played in those¬† films. Other favourites for example: Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky, El Topo by
Alejandro Jodorowsky.

What plans/ambitions do you have for the future?

I live without exact plans. Living without plans used to be an ideal for me¬† but nowadays it’s a bit distressing. At the moment I am unemployed,¬† therefore I hope that I’ll get a job. An interesting and versatile job¬† would be ideal.
I dream of a good and serious relationship with a dominant woman.
Because of my pessimistic personality it’s hard to see a bright future. On¬† the other hand, a pessimist can never be disappointed because he doesn’t¬† expect anything good…

Nequissimus, thank you so much and best wishes for your future endeavours.

Nequissimus on DeviantArt

Nequissimus on imagefap

Nequissimus has also published a comic album, but it is not popular outside of Finland¬† because it’s in Finnish.¬†If you are interested in the comic or any other work by Nequissmus, contact him at sumussasoutaja-at-gmail-dot-com

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