‘There you are, darling,’ Lily chuckled, looking down at me.

There were times when I considered that Lily had missed her calling and that she could have been a fine actress.

Somehow, my wife managed to sound surprised to find me kneeling on the floor of our bedroom. Not just kneeling in a position where one may look for something in a low cupboard. No, I was kneeling with my forehead placed firmly on the floor and my arms outstretched in a supplicatory manner.

Just as Lily had suggested so, in reality, there was no surprise.

Lily enjoyed pretending that I did the humiliating things of my own volition, that I knelt on the floor for my own amusement!

When, of course, the reverse was true.

Lily suggested that I do things and I had no choice but to obey.

As she smiled down at me, my captured cock winced within the chastity belt at the sight of her. She was such a sexy woman and, from the beginning of our marriage, constantly teased me with glimpses of nylon sheathed thighs, low neckline and pouting lips. It was enough to drive any normal husband insane with lust!

Unfortunately, I was no longer a normal husband. Not since Lily discovered that I had cheated on her  with a neighbour.

I was such a fool but could not resist temptation. It had been a wild one night fling after a drunken party. Beth was a sexy divorced woman and available. Unfortunately, Lily found out!

There had been photos, for god sakes and I still don’t know who took those! I was in deep shit as Lily had all the money and I was employed at her father’s business. She could have destroyed me easily so I had to follow her evil suggestions.

I had to do what she wanted!

Of course, Lily did not “order” me to do things, she “suggested”. There was a world of difference.

Just like she suggested that I purchase a chastity belt and then suggested that I wear it twenty four hours a day. Then, with a cheeky smile, Lilly had suggested that I give her the key for safe keeping! Of course, I had to follow all her suggestions! I had no choice!

Now, Lily sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at me.

Of course, I dared not move. Naked and prostrate, I waited for her next suggestion.

‘You can sit up, darling,’ Lily said kindly, amusement dancing in her wide brown eyes.

Slowly, I moved to an upright kneeling position and tried to avoid those laughing eyes. I felt so vulnerable, so exposed as she was fully clothed while I was completely naked.

Just as she had suggested!

‘I rather feel like an orgasm, darling. Do you think there is something you could think of that would achieve that aim?’ Her eyebrow rose and she looked questioningly at me.

Any normal husband would laugh, sweep his gorgeous wife into his arms and take her to bed where he would fuck her silly.

Not me, not with my cock permanently locked up in a steel tube!

My only possible answer was, ‘I’ll…I’ll do what you would like, darling.’

Of course, Lily would not tell me what she would like. That would spoil her game! She enjoyed making me offer to do all sorts of humiliating things.

‘I don’t know what I feel like, darling,’ Lily said, stretching like a sexy cat, skirt moving teasingly up her gleaming nylon thigh. ‘You suggest some sexy things for your loving wife!’

Loving  wife! That’s a laugh! Lily had me by the balls and she knew it! She was like a big sexy cat playing with a pathetic mouse!

Mouth dry, cock pounding uselessly against the impenetrable walls of the chastity tube, I began my shameful suggestions. Of course, I dared not suggest that I actually fuck her! No, that suggestion would just make her angry and when Lily was angry, there was no telling what she would do!

‘I…I could use your vibrator on…on you…’ I murmured, face hot.

‘I think the batteries are flat, darling,’ Lily said airily, dismissing the notion with a wave of an elegantly manicured hand. ‘ I’m not in the mood for that. The constant whirring noise is not sexy at all. In fact, it’s irritating. How can I concentrate on orgasming when that thing is whining away like an electric toothbrush?’

‘No…no, of course not…the n…noise is…unforgivable…ah…the dildo? I could use the dildo…’

‘Which one, darling? We have two now.’

‘Ah…yes…of course…yes, we have two. The big fat one?’

That was an understatement! That black dildo was as thick as my wrist and Lily had delighted in pointing out to me just how much larger it was to my small cock.

‘That one stretches me rather well,  darling? Is that the one you mean?’ Lily smirked.

The dildo  was monstrous and I had to use two hands to thrust it in and out of my wife’s wet sex. Afterwards, her neatly trimmed pubic hair highlighted her now distended pussy and I abjectly wondered how my small cock would ever fit in her gaping cunt again.

‘Y… does…shall I get it…’

‘No, not really in the mood, darling, for penetration.’

That was a clue!

‘Ah…shall I lick you, darling?’

‘Lick me?’ Lily asked raising a teasing eyebrow. ‘Where?’

‘Y…your pussy, darling or…or would y…you like me to…lick you…you know…’ I faltered, cock pulsing wildly within the chastity belt.

‘No, I’m afraid I don’t know,’ Lily said innocently. ‘Where do you want to lick, darling?’

Face hot, I mumbled, ‘y…your bottom…’

Bottom?’ Lily laughed. ‘Oh dear, darling, you sound like you are twelve years old. Say bum!’

‘D…do you…I mean, would you like me…to…to lick your b…bum…’

‘Not today, darling, but thank you for asking,’ Lily giggled. ‘I think, darling, that today I would love to feel your tongue and mouth on kitty until I peak. Would you do that for me?’

‘Of…of c…course, darling,’ I mumbled, eyes focussed on the silver key that hung on a matching chain around her throat. The key rested on the edge of her expansive cleavage and my cock ached pathetically as I dreamed of kissing her breasts!

That would never happen, of course. Breasts were off limits to me. My sexual duties were confined to below the waist and nothing else.

‘Are you sure you want to kiss and lick my kitty, darling?’ Lily teased.

I grunted with pain from my chastised cock and muttered, ‘y…yes, darling, it would be a pleasure…’

Lily laughed at that!

Pleasure? You really want some pleasure, don’t you, darling! Pleasing me is your only pleasure, isn’t it, darling? When did you last spurt?’

‘S…six weeks…d…darling…’

‘Is that all?’ Lily said gaily. ‘That’s not even half way yet.’

Another seven weeks to go! Lily had decreed I would be chaste for thirteen weeks and she enjoyed reminding me of that!

A special calendar had been printed by my wife. She had pinned it  on the kitchen wall so Lily could watch me as I crossed off another day before I was sent to bed in the small closet under the stairs.

‘You have to focus on pleasing me, darling, just as a husband should!’

But I was not a husband any more. I was, in reality a sexual slave!

‘Now,’ Lily said, standing up, ‘are you sure you want to kiss kitty?’

‘I’m…I’m sure…’

‘She’s a bit messy. A bit wet and perhaps just a little musky…’

‘I…I don’t mind…’ I said pathetically and, in reality, I did not mind at all. The sad truth was that this was my only sexual experience and it was, I was finding, better than nothing!

Lily pretended to frown, the actress coming to the fore again.

‘I don’t know, darling, if you should…’

‘Please, darling,’ I begged urgently, ‘please let me…’

She grinned down at me and tousled my thinning hair.

‘If you insist, darling. Take my shoes off and, because you are so enthusiastic, I’ll let you take my stockings off. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’

‘Yes, dear,’ I mumbled, cock twisting uselessly, ‘I would.’

‘Then I suggest you do it slowly. Do you find my suggestions helpful, darling?’ Lily asked as my fingers trembled at her suspender strap.

‘Yes, dear,’ I said dismally.

‘Good,’ Lily laughed. ‘I have so many more suggestions for you!

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